sugru Self Setting Rubber + a Giveaway!! #sugrumoms AD

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru.

sugru Self Setting Rubber

I just have to tell you about sugru self setting rubber that I just learned about.  Have you heard of sugru yet?  It’s an amazing self setting rubber that is very easy to use.  I will warn you though, once you get your hands on this product you will realize that you have to keep it in stock!  We are finding new ways to use this everyday.  My husband has taken over all the stock I have.  I have to create my own secret stash so he would take it.

sugru #sugrumoms AD

sugru can be used on many different products!

I have plenty of things that are broken around my house so sugru has definitely saved me from purchasing new items that I didn’t need to.  For example, I have a griddle that has a tray that holds the grease underneath it.  I accidently dropped that tray and it chipped off a piece of plastic on the side of it.  Because it was on the side it wouldn’t hold much contents at all.  I was able to put the broken piece back on it and adhere sugru right over it to hold it together.  That saved me the trouble from having to reorder that tray (if that is even possible to find that part) and I love that griddle. Using this product is easy. Basically you activate it by squeezing it multiple times with your fingers and press it on almost anything! Yes, it’s that easy!

My husband has a very old watch that he loves.  The little piece that holds the band on the back broke off and believe it or not he used electrical tape to adhere it.  It’s black so nobody noticed it but it looked horrible.  This watch was so old that there was no replacement band that fit it either.  I ended up buying him a new watch that he wore for about a week and ended up going back to his old watch.  The electrical tape didn’t bother him at all.  It bothered me more.  As soon as I got my hands on the sugru self setting rubber I molded the watch piece he was missing.  You would have thought he just won the lottery as happy as he was to have his watch fixed!

sugru self setting rubber #sugrumoms AD

My teenage daughter was ecstatic when I fixed her iPhone charging cord!  After fixing her’s I had to fix all of our iPhone charging cords.  They were all in pretty bad shape.

sugru iphone cord fix #sugrumoms AD

I think my absolute all time favorite fix was when I applied sugru self setting rubber to my favorite sandals!  I love these sandals but they hurt when I wear them.  The part between the toes kills me because it’s hard and rough.  I did a custom mold of sugru over the hard part, they are now super comfy!  How about that?!!   I would have never thought that sugru would help me with my shoes until after I started using it.

sugru comfy sandals fix #sugrumoms AD

I have got some super exciting news!  I am hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner!  I am giving away a sugru Craft Bundle valued at $48!

sugru Craft Bundle Giveaway!!

All you have to do to enter is leave a message below on this post and tell me what you would use sugru self setting rubber on.  I will randomly choose a winner on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.  The winner will be notified via email.

Here’s what’s included in our sugru Craft Bundle Giveaway:

  • 1 pack of sugru 8 x 5g in multi color
  • 1 pack of sugru 3 x 5 g in white
  • 1 magnet kit

#sugrumoms AD


Save some money with this Sugru Coupon Code:

In case you find you need some sugru right away I have a code that will save you 25% off your total order when you use Coupon Code: sugrumoms25 when you place your order here.  This coupon code is set to expire on 4/8/14 so be sure to take advantage of the extra savings while you can!

sugru can definitely help Moms save time and money! From fixing kids toys to hubby’s watch or maybe even iPhone cords, even adding waterproof patches to pants, everyone turns out happy. There are plenty of DIY uses around the home from fixing laminate counters to kitchen tiles too. Need help with creativity? Let sugru help you get your craft on too! Check out these ideas to refresh vintage finds.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru.
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  1. COMMENTS ARE CLOSED BEYOND THIS POINT! I have chosen a winner. Just waiting from them to confirm!

  2. I could use this for cords, belts, & everything!

  3. OMG…I could use this on so much stuff…it’s limitless….coolest stuff I’ve seen in a long time

  4. PICK ME!! PICK ME!! Sugru is awesome.
    Fridge door repaired, non-slip pads on cell phone case, wobbley ihome stand fixed, made cool coasters from tiles (with little rubber pads).

  5. Yvonne Smith says:

    I would love to fix the knobs on my china hutch. The knobs are very odd, and shaped like a little bird. All the wings have broke off.:-(

  6. I have some pot lids that need new handles. That would be my first project.

  7. Rolande Dumond says:


  8. My car has a few broken things that could use a whole bunch of Sugru. I am looking forward to having a fixapalooza Sugru party.

  9. I use super glue for everything so if this product is better, Alas there are so many things I will be mending. I am a hoarder and keep everything and the broken off bits ‘Just in case’. Flower pots, baskets, shoes, slippers, , I can go on and on so a freeby will make me a very happy person.

  10. Melodie Young says:

    I would fix all of our charging cords and my vacuum cleaner cord is totally mangled from running over it so many times! What couldn’t I use it for!

  11. lee long says:

    i would use it to make a mate for my car dash to hold things:)

  12. I would fix a small cut in the sole of my Merrell shoes.

  13. my blowdryer cord has so much electric tape on it, it looks awful, this would be a great fix

  14. Chrystal S says:

    Well, my iPhone cord is about to die, and I can’t afford another. So that would be my first stop! As to what else, I don’t know yet. I was thinking about my Brita Pitcher my dog broke (cracked), but not sure if it’s toxic, so need to research. But with my dogs, cats, and all my foster animals, stuff is already breaking, so I’m sure I will use this stuff up quick!

    P.S. April 2nd is Wednesday :)

  15. Dawn Thomas says:

    Cords, I work at a school and my job is to keep track of 1000 MacBoome…and their cords…

  16. Wow I have cords to fix too and hubby has a pair of leaky boots I would love to see if this works on that.

  17. Julie Taylor says:

    I have been trying to fix my frayed phone cords with electrical tape –not good. THIS is exactly what I need! Thanks for the chance, and for letting me know it exists!!!

  18. Mindy Glover says:

    I would use it on the iPhone cords.

  19. Heather L says:

    Every single cord in the house!

    I’d put it around the kitchen sink, so the water wouldn’t drip around the edges and down under the sink!

  20. First up would be to fix the knob for the range hood light. It just broke and now I know why I saved it.

  21. Karen Sperling says:

    I would use it to fix my watch band too! Could it possibly fix a defective sole on a shoe?

  22. I’ve never used this, but I have an IPad chord that could really benefit from Sugru

  23. Mr Hank Wolgast says:

    I need to repair the power cord for my Dell laptop. It is on its last legs and the new ones are really pricy. I could really use this to repair it plus the DSI chargers we have too

  24. I’d love to see if this would work on my curling iron cord.

  25. I,would definitely use like you did on my favorite sandals. There is always something that need fixing around the house. I have thrown away decorative plates which I bet this product would work great on.

  26. I have iPhone cables that are in dire need of repair! I’m sure there are many things I can use it for!

  27. Kari VanNoy says:

    Oh my gosh! I really need this for my computer charging cord!! This is AWESOME!!

  28. Michael Greene says:

    I would use this on the top of my bottle caps to keep the liquid in longer. This is a special collection I have. Also my hand tools to get a better grip. Also I have extension cords that I think this would work great on.

  29. Renee Barbera says:

    I have a pair of flip flips made/molded from silicone that I absolutely love which broke 2 yrs ago! (The thong part ripped from the sole) I refuse to throw them out because I’m convinced I will one day find a way to repair them! This would be my #1 and FIRST fix!

  30. I use super glue for everything so if this product is better, Alas there are so many things I will be mending. I am a hoarder and keep everything and the broken off bits ‘Just in case’. Flower pots, baskets, shoes, slippers, stagings for flowers, I can go on and on so a freeby will make me a very happy lass.

  31. Robin Abrams says:

    I would use it on my laptop cord first. Then to fix alot around the house

    • faith wenrich says:

      Android cords, shoes,travel mug handle, around top of tub to seal in place of silicone and many many more things

  32. Zelda Lee Hoover says:

    My Nook e reader charge could sure use this product. I have already had to buy one new one!

  33. happy godess says:

    I’d make a drip stopper on the bathtub edge
    I’d fix the leak in my car gutter
    I’d fix the back sidelight from falling out with a new seal
    I’d repair the missing foot on my desktop computer tower
    I’d identify mark different keys
    I’d soften my jewellry pliers grip

  34. Rebecca Arsenault says:

    my cell phone cords are in bad need of repair! I can think of many uses! I would <3 to win this and give it a try! TY :)

  35. April Trent says:

    Apple cords! They are are my nemesis.

  36. Ladonna Mohler says:

    I would use it to protect/repair my chargers. I also think it would work very well to repair some of my sons’ toys.

  37. Paula Lee says:

    Definitely have some cords that I would love to try it on!

  38. Jennifer Rogers says:

    My husband is forever needing some type of adhesive for plastic handles, and it nver lasts long, but this sounds perfect for him!

  39. Christina Kagarise says:

    Phone chargers and with 4 kids there are so many other things that could be fixed as well.. Thank you :)

  40. I have a laptop charger that needs to be fixed. And a few other projects that could use some help.

  41. i like the idea of using it on sandals

  42. Marie Patterson says:

    What wouldn’t I fix with it? But to start with a piece has cracked off my inside grill, so I would fix that. :)

  43. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    My boys have lots of toy cars that they love,but a couple of them are broken. The boys won’t let me dispose of the broken ones. they keep telling me to”Fix” them. With this rubber, I could mend the cars so the cam be played with safely again.

  44. Amanda Alvarado says:

    The handle on the lid to our crockpot broke off so all we have to lift it up with is a bolt/screw that we found in a drawer that was long enough to get a grip on! I’d make us a new handle for it or try to fix the old one!

  45. Gail Parker says:

    So many toys that my son has broken!

  46. My phone cord could use this.

  47. happi shopr says:

    I would fix my favorite sandals more comfortable like you did.

  48. I would use sugru self setting rubber on a belt, a purse, a cord, and probably everything I can find

  49. Melanie Poulsen says:

    I would use it for IPhone cords and to fix my daughters boots!! The heels always end up tearing off.

  50. Robin Rogers says:

    Where do I start?!

  51. Gina Stanford says:

    I would use Sugru on my Ipad/Ipod cords, they need it badly! I may even try it on my flip flops and to fix my son’s cabinet in his room. :)

  52. Chris Dye says:

    This product sounds cool
    Since I am a technology buff and a IT/computer tech, I know the stuff will come handy to have in tool kit.

  53. Joey funk says:

    I need to seal up the cord on my macbook charger, and my iphone charger as well, so this would come in handy! I’m sure I can find some other uses for it too!

  54. Christine koss says:

    I would love it for my iPhone cord it is splitting as of yesterday!!!

  55. Erika sobczak says:

    I would use it on my iphone chargers too along with some of my sons toys. It would be awesome!!

  56. I’d use it on iPhone cords

  57. Vanessa zammit says:

    My Samsung galaxy charger so I don’t have to keep ordering them from china this product looks amazing

  58. Alanha Cruz says:

    I actually have been looking for something to fix my cel phone chargers! I go through them so fast even though I try to take care of them. They are kind of ripped so I have to be careful when I plug my phone. I would love to try this on all 4 chargers we have at home. Plus I’m sure I’ll find quite a few things that I could use sugru on. Thanks!

  59. Christy Hopper says:

    I would use Sugru to fix my iPhone and iPad cords and several other cords that need repair. I even have some sandals similar to yours that are in need of repair! Thank you for the chance :)

  60. beth combs says:

    I’m sure it would come in handy for SO much! But i would use it to fix our phones/ipod chargers. Using it to make flip flops comfy is an awesome idea too! i have a pair that arent very comfy but i love them b/c they adorable LOL

  61. Shannon Anderson says:

    My iPad cords, I keep having to buy new ones and it stinks, phone charger cords, wonder if this would help the dresser too. Hmmmm bet I could find lots.

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