Checks In The Mail Holiday Cash Giveaway #ChecksintheMail

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 This post is sponsored by and Valpak but all opinions are 100% my own.

Checks In The Mail Holiday Cash

I’ve got something super exciting for you!  Checks In The Mail have teamed up with ValPak to offer you an opportunity to score some Holiday Cash!

Who likes to balance their checkbook?  Not me.  But it’s required.  I may not like to do it buy I’m the type that will balance my checkbook to the penny!  It drives my husband nuts!  Thank goodness for duplicate wallet checks too.  This is how I go back and find most of the errors.

I’m in the middle of teaching my teenage daughter this crucial life skill of balancing your checkbook.  I’m trying to teach her that balancing a checkbook isn’t just about adding and subtracting your balance either.  It’s all about have a clear understanding of exactly the amount your project to come in versus the amount you have going out.  It really starts with a plan and a budget.  I’ve taught my daughter to save half of her earnings before anything else.  It’s really helped her create a nice little savings but more importantly I hope it creates a way of thinking that she can stick with for life.  Not bad for a girl who works part-time at a fast food restaurant in her first year of college.

Checks In The Mail already offers a really good deal on check orders but did you know they offer over 250 popular designs?  If you are looking for a personalized touch they have tools just for you.  You can get different fonts instead of the same old boring standard font and they provide monograms too.  They have already satisfied over 12 million customers!

Do you want to win some holiday cash? Make sure you open your Valpak envelope this month! Valpak and Checks in the Mail have teamed up to giveaway $100 checks in blue envelopes all over the country. Open yours today!  Guess who is trying to beat me to the mailbox each week?  Yup, my teenage daughter!  She wants to win bad!

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If you don’t receive a blue envelope in your mailbox every month you can enter to win $100 below or visit to enter to win $5000!

And…  Here’s another chance to win some Holiday Cash!!!  Enter to win a $100 check from below!

Holiday Cash from Valpak #Checksinthemail

Ten winners will each win $100 from Checks in the Mail. Only one winner per email address. Giveaway ends November 22, 2013. By submitting your email address you are agreeing to share that email with Checks in the Mail.

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  1. I would split this money with my daughter in law and we would make a mad dash to Sam’s or Costco’s for our holiday meal! :o) Thanks for the chance

  2. I would use the money to buy Christmas gifts for my children. My husband had a 2nd back surgery last year and can no longer work. This prize would definitely help ease the pain of not having enough cash for the holiday season!

  3. i will use the cash to help buy some christmas gifts for my kids because i got laid off from my job a week ago and every little bit helps..

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