Top Five Hidden Gem Classic Comedies On Netflix

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Top Five Hidden Gem Classic Comedies On Netflix

Top Five Hidden Gem Classic Comedies On Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we watch television and movies. The one problem with Netflix is that there is plenty of junk mixed in with the good stuff. When you dial up Netflix the last thing you want to do is scroll for hours trying to find something good. Here are five classic comedies that will keep you rolling. Each of these movies are bonafide hits that helped to make their stars into…well…stars. Dial up the old computer and enjoy a laughter marathon with these wonderful classic comedies on Netflix.

Bruce Almighty

This is one movie you will watch over and over and each time you do, you will laugh a little harder. Armed with a beautiful story and a wonderful cast, Bruce Almighty is about a guy that is given the power of God to fix the world’s problems. Be careful what you ask for. This showcases Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell at their finest.

Dumb and Dumber

Speaking of Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber is one of the movies that sent his comic genius into the stratosphere. Although the movie is now considered a classic, it still feels new each time you view it. Dumb and Dumber is just good old fashioned belly laughing fun.

While You Were Sleeping

This is one you might have missed. It stars a young Sandra Bullock as a worker that admires a man regularly as he comes through her toll booth. One day, she saves him from an oncoming train and he loses his memory. When the family arrives, they think that Bullock is his fiance. Eventually things get very complicated because Bullock does not tell them otherwise and plays along. This fun romantic comedy is a wonderful date night comedy and will be one of your favorites for sure.


Like Dumb and Dumber, Zoolander is pure foolishness. If you want to laugh, however, Ben Stiller will pull the laughs right out of you as Derek Zoolander, male model extraordinaire. When he loses his annual model title to Hansel, a hilarious character played by Owen Wilson, he falls apart. It is then left to Will Ferrell to “save” (take advantage) of Zoolander to epically silly levels. This one requires a bit of an open mind, but it is hilarious in it’s silliness.

Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam is arguably the best comedy Robin Williams ever made and with his passing, I was thrilled to see it on Netflix streaming. The movie is about a young Williams and his career as a radio DJ during the war. The movie goes straight to the heart and is funny from start to finish. Williams is able to shine in ways that easily showcased his talents and made him a star.

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