Comparing Lularoe Leggings to Other Leggings

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Comparing Lularoe Leggings to Other Leggings

Comparing Lularoe Leggings to Other Leggings

Have you notice all the pop up parties for Lularoe Leggings lately?  Everyone is raving about how soft and buttery they are so I just had to give them a try.  You cannot just go to the Lularoe website and buy them.  You must find a consultant.  Finding a consultant is not hard either.  I asked if any of my local friends sold them on Facebook and boy was I overwhelmed!  I have tons of friends that sell them.  Finding a pop up sale online is easy.  Getting invited to the sales are super easy but finding a place to see them in person or try them on is not so easy.  You pretty much have to purchase them blindly without trying them on or pay a higher amount for them on Ebay.  I’m not about to spend double or more on Ebay either.  No way.  I found myself torn by who to buy them from too because it was almost like choosing one friend over the other.  Oh the stress just to buy some leggings!

I ended up attending an online popup sale and it was a bit fun and stressful at the same time.  The whole reason I was shopping was because I wanted a pair of leggings.  The party I attended put up all the other products such as shirts, maxi skirts and dresses before I could even see one pair of leggings.  At this point I didn’t even realize there were other products that Lularoe consultants sell.  She put up the leggings last so that everyone else would see the other products before leaving.  That’s probably a good business strategy but frustrating to me because I wanted to just buy a pair and be off the computer.  They buying experience for me was way too long.  If you plan to attend an online party be sure to plan to be on for at least an hour.

Comparing Lularoe Leggings to Other Leggings

I ended up purchasing 3 pair of Tall and Curvy Lularoe Leggings.  The TC Leggings fit adult size 10 to 22.  The tag says they are 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex – made in China.  Machine wash cold and gentle cycle.  Do not bleach and Tumble dry low.  I was told not to even dry them.  This type of material will dry very fast just hanging up.

Comparing Lularoe Leggings to Other Leggings

I love the look and feel of the Lularoe leggings!  They are the softest pair of leggings I have ever tried.  Ever.  Seriously.  I get what the hype is about now.

I really, really wanted a plain black pair of Lularoe leggings but those seem to be in high demand.  Lularoe only sells a set number of each print and then they are moving to the next.  I ended up searching a bit on Ebay and found people selling “rare” Lularoe leggings (the black pair I wanted) for double or even triple the amount!

I think the other reason I really like Lularoe is because I can support my friends who are trying to create a business.  I love supporting other entrepreneurs.  It’s just a bit tough when I only want to buy one or two pair and 15 of my friends want me to attend their parties.

I decided to do a little test.  I searched and searched on Amazon for a similar product.  I ordered a few.  I found one company that I feel is very comparable to Lularoe!  They are called The Viv Collection on Amazon.  Here’s the best part though…  They are about 1/2 the price of Lularoe with the same quality!  These leggings state they are “Plus size” but putting them up to the Tall & Curvy 10-22 size of Lularoe they are just about the same!  They feel exactly the same as my new Lularoe leggings too!  The material is soft and buttery!  The length is the same.  The tag says the material is exactly the same too!  It’s also 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex – made in China.  The only one small difference I found was the elastic and extra material on the waist band.  The Lularoe has a very small elastic waistband with a 2 inch separated waist seam of material.  The Viv Collection Leggings have a 1/2 inch elastic waistband.  Both are equally comfortable in my opinion.

Comparing Lularoe Leggings to Other Leggings

I will still support my friends and purchase Lularoe leggings but I also have another option when I am looking for a specific color or size that I don’t want to wait for!

OH… And… I also run a small Facebook Group called “Good Grabs” for people who love deals. It’s a great way to save some cash especially if you shop a lot online like I do. Feel free to join the Good Grabs Facebook Group here.

UPDATE:  I just wrote a new article showing all the new ViV Collection styles that just came out.  Plus I did a stretch test between the brands to see if any were see through when I stretched them.  Check out the update here:  New ViV Collections Leggings Styles Arrived!

I’ve gotten a ton of request to talk about shirts for leggings.  I prefer to wear a really long shirt with my leggings so that it covers my behind.  I’ve purchased a few of the tunic tops with a handkerchief hem here on Amazon.  I really, really like those because they are lightweight and flow nicely.  The hankerchief hem gives you a slimming effect!  I just found a shop on Etsy where you can purchase a shirt extender!  This means you can wear a simple lightweight camisole (long camisole with a decorative bottom) with any shirt you already own to make the shirt appear longer than it is!  I ordered one in black and one in white!  I cannot wait for it to arrive!  I will be sure to post an update once I get them in.  She makes them in all sizes.  Even plus sizes!   Be sure to check out her shop here.

Shirt Extender I found on Etsy

Plus size shirt extender to wear with Lularoe leggings



I am in LOVE with these shirt extenders!  They are perfect to add to any shirt that is not long enough for leggings.  I won’t wear leggings unless I have a shirt long enough to cover my backside.  I ended up buy two different styles as seen below in the photos from this shop on Etsy.  I definitely plan on ordering a few more.


Shirt extenders to cover your butt when you wear leggings


I have tried so many leggings here lately.  Most of you know that I am a police wife.  I couldn’t find any legging designs I loved with a cause I wanted to support so I designed a few leggings of my own!

This was a long and expensive process but here they are!  You can find them over at the Thin Blue Line Warrior website!  These leggings are very durable with a soft and shiny feel to them!  I’ve wash and dried them and there was NO FADING!  (I accidently put them in the dryer but was happy to know it didn’t change the size or print in any way)

The Thin Blue Line Heart leggings have cute little handcuffs in the design and the saying “Blessed are the Peacemakers” between each heart!  I think I love these the best!

The second pair in the photo below is a simple design with a strong message.  Blessed are the Peacemakers.”

The third pair in the photo below is a thin blue line flag design.  This is the signature message that shows support for law enforcement everywhere!  You can read about the Thin Blue Line meaning here on Wikipedia.

If you are looking for a gift for a police mom, police daughter, police aunt, police sister, police grandma, police wife or even just a police supporter, these would make an excellent gift idea!  You might even want to share the Thin Blue Line Warrior website with your friends who have an interest!  I can nearly guarantee they will love it as much as I do!

Here’s a snapshot of the shop:

Thin Blue Line Warrior Police Wife Leggings


Comparing Lularoe Leggings to Other Types of Leggings


My next goal is to find some really cute Tunic tops to go with all of my leggings.  I’m not too fond of mixing different designs so most of the Lularoe tops are out.  They say you can wear another solid color layer to balance the designs but I live in Texas where it’s typically very hot and I’m not about to wear more clothing than I need too either.

Update on Tunic Tops:  I’ve ordered a few of these tunic tops from Amazon and love them.  They are light and they flow nicely.  The cover the bottom nicely and they are extremely flattering to all body types!


Fabulegs Leggings Review

I wanted to jump on here and give you another update.  I’ve had multiple people tell me to try a few other brands of leggings.  I ended up ordering a pair of Fabulegs size TC with a print called hero in blue.  I love anything that supports our law enforcement officers.  Hello, proud police wifey here!  Ordering that print fit me to a tee!  What didn’t fit me was the leggings.  They have the one size and the tall and curvy but they also carry and XL.

I’m going to try and be as nice as I can when I talk about these leggings.  The TC size of Fabulegs would probably best fit anyone who is a size 12 or under.  They do not fit me.  I wear the TC leggings in Lularoe and Viv collection perfectly but these…  nope.  I couldn’t order the XL because that print was out of stock.

I did notice a few things that you should know if you plan to order them.  They are shorter but a noticeable different.  Or maybe they are so tight at the ankles that they ride up?  Either way, I did not like that.

I also noticed when the print was stretched out, it was noticeably stretched.  The print was distorted and it wasn’t appealing.  These are just not the types of things my plus size butt wants to deal with.  I feel as though even if I had the correct size it would still be this way.

The last thing I noticed is the waist line was very short.  With the other brands I had lots of room to even wear them at a high waist but not these.  I really didn’t like that.  They do have the comfort yoga band but it doesn’t help if they don’t go up far enough.  The yoga band might be a plus factor for someone else though.

I was just about to give these leggings away to another police wife when my daughter said she wanted them.  She tried them on and they fit her nicely!  She can wear those low rise pants and has a cute figure!

I am in LOVE with the print.  If Lularoe or ViV Collection ever comes out with a print to support any of our first responders I will be there best customer!  Seriously, love that print!

FabuLegs Review


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  1. I would like to echo I also had a horrible experience with Fabulegs and after my daughter wore them for one afternoon the knees and seat were all worn out. The owner told me that they “must have been well loved” aka it is my daughters fault that sitting at xmas dinner for a feeble hours causes new leggings to wear out?

    I will say for kids leggings, first kiss at bealls or bealls outlet are wonderful. Buttery soft and well made.

    1. Same horrible experience here… Unfortunately, the business owner doesn’t stand by her products. When I had a quality issue, she told me I could “file a [Better Business Bureau] complaint with the 28 other ladies.” That’s really lousy customer service. And rude. Will never buy them again. Don’t waste your money either. If there is a problem with your leggings, all you will get is attitude. Not a refund.

  2. I LOVE all these conversations and advice!!! I have read each one and each one has been a help to me. I am almost 56 years old and am 5′ 9″ and weigh WELL OVER 200 lbs. and I worry about wearing things that are not age or weight appropriate. You girls have made me feel great about wearing leggings and tunics!!! Going to give all those recommended a try!!! Thanks for all the conversations…I look forward to reading more!!! And getting more great advice!!!

  3. I have to agree with the negative comments about Fabulegs. Their D- BBB rating as of 5/12/17 tells the story. After 8 emails to their customer service dept I was unable to get a satisfactory reply. My complaint filed with the BBB was not responded to by Fabulegs.

  4. Fabulegs has the worst customer service. They are very unkind. It’s not worth it to buy their leggings.

    1. AGREED!!! When I had a quality issue, she told me I could “file a [Better Business Bureau] complaint with the 28 other ladies.”

  5. I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who stumbles on this page like i did. Your fabulegs review was based on a pair of the new couture line which was only in a test phase when you bought the leggings. The couture line is sized differently than the regular line meaning that there is an XOS, OS, TC, and XTC sizing. I ended up needing to order the XTC because i fell right at the top of the TC sizing and they warned that TC in this material has slightly less stretch than the normal material. They have also increased length since this original printing so it should fit so much better than the original length wise. They will be doing a reprint of this same print in the updated sizing so that may be a better fit for you if you decide to try again! I would definitely recommend XTC though if regular TC didn’t fit. The owner Melissa is also amazing when it comes to customer service. I have been shopping with Fabulegs since last September and have only had the wrong size sent to me once. She immediately responded to my email (like within the hour) and told me to ship them back and i would be refunded the cost once they were recieved and that she would sent the new pair ASAP. I got the new pair literally 3 days after sending the original email. I would 100% recommend you give this brand another try and make sure you pay special attention to which line you are purchasing from because they are definitely different!

  6. Hello from a fellow LEOWife in West Virginia! You are spot on when it comes to the VIV leggings from
    Amazon! Love them! I have 4 pairs of LulaRoe leggings and I like them but prefer the VIV same quality better price. ( beware of counterfeit VIV leggings though, if the tag does not say VIV contact Amazon and they will get you the real VIV’s) I won a pair of solid black Lu leggings from a friends party but when I compared them VIV leggings on Amazon that I got in 2 days. I sell on eBay and put the Lu’s up for bid, I did a 3 day auction, started them out at 9.99 and the bids started rolling in. I got 52.00 for them! I could not believe someone was willing to pay over double the price for a simple pair of black leggings. The lady sent me an email thanking me. I was like no “thank you” and sent them straight to the P.O. I felt a little bad at first, I never dreamed someone would pay that much for leggings…. Oh tunics…. I LOVE Amazons LARACE tunics they come in all sizes and colors, short sleeve and long sleeve, for 15.99. Oh and I almost forgot the leggings I found at Walgreens (yes the drugstore) they were called Win Win, Super Soft leggings. (feel the same as the VIV) I purchased them on clearance for 3.33 a pair both solids and prints. They don’t have the same ones now, they do have the Win Win brand that are fuzzy on the inside I guess for winter, the outside don’t have the same buttery soft feel but still
    feel good I purchased 2 pair for 12.00, they are nice for these cold mornings taking the kiddo to school. I mainly bought them because I am off work for 6 weeks after a major surgery. Anyway sorry for the long comment, I feel as if I know you also. ? Have a great day!
    I too hope Lu or VIV comes out with some LE leggings like the super cute ones from Fabulegs.

  7. Definitely avoid Fabulegs at all costs! The leggings themselves aren’t terrible (although a slicker, more lycra-like version of Lularoe, and the yoga bands have a thin strip of elastic at the top instead of the whole thing being elastic. This is occasionally manufactured poorly and cuts in, defeating the purpose of the yoga band), but the customer service is HORRIBLE.
    I ordered a pair as a gift for a friend who has cancer and is having her first chemo treatment on Friday. They arrived in a timely fashion, but they sent me the wrong size by mistake. No problem, I contacted them hoping they would send the correct pair out as soon as they realized the mistake and send me a return label to return the larger size to them. I was informed that I would have to pay to send them back and would get a product credit for the shipping cost. They won’t send the correct size until the other pair is received, which means my friend won’t be having them in time for her chemo. I expressed my disappointment and when I said that most companies would seek to remedy their error by sending a prepaid label and getting the right pair in the mail, Melissa replied that she is happy to say they are not like other companies. If salty, sub-par customer service is their goal, then they should be very happy indeed.

    1. Oh wow Chelsea… I’ve not heard of Fabulegs before. This is one of the reasons I love shopping on Amazon. They have excellent customer service. I will say a little prayer for your friend too.

    2. Oh my goodness, I had the same problem with not being properly refunded for shipping back leggings that was their mistake! I had to pay about $5 to return them but they only refund $2.70. When I pointed that out, I got a similar response plus a snide “Here’s the information you should have read” with the partial refund info at the bottom of the page (i should have pointed out they should have read my order correctly before shipping… Lol) It wasn’t even the money, it was how they were so weirdly inflexible and rude about fixing their own mistake. I agree 100%, they boast about customer service and positivity but their Facebook group is full of nasty comments to anyone who dares to complain… It’s like a high school clique and Melissa is the queen bee.
      I’m sorry that your experience affected your friend, I’ve seen multiple friends and family members go through chemo and I know little pick me ups, like cute leggings, can make a big difference. Sending positive vibes to you and your friend.

  8. Do the VIV leggings roll down when you sit/bend over? That is my biggest concern with leggings. I hate yanking up my waist band every time I move. I was gifted a pair of LLR leggings for Christmas and I love them but hate that I cant just buy the leggings when I want.

    1. I have to say I love LLR leggings, all of their clothes for that matter but if your on a set income and can’t afford $60 for an outfit then you’ll love the VIV collection they have amazing leggings as well as shirts, skirts and other items. They are amazing they don’t roll only thing I’ve seen is I can wear OS in LLR but I have to buy plus in VIV but that’s only because of their band I am picky about things being to tight on my stomach. But other than that I will only buy LLR if their is a pattern that I feel I can’t live without❤❤❤ their is also the leggings depot they have good leggings also.

      1. You can buy them daily from different people. It can be fun and frustrating at the same time. For example, I’ve been looking for a Sarah Sweater for a long time and I’ve yet to be able to buy one.

        1. I LOVE my Sarah sweaters! I have two and they are so comfy and can be styled so many different ways. Good luck stalking one out! 🙂

          1. I have watched so many live shows only to have a black one come up in my size and it was sold before I even heard the number called because I had a small lag time! UGH! SO darn frustrating. I ended up spending way too much money and grabbed 2 on Ebay of all places.

  9. I tried the Viv leggings because it’s so dang hard to find black LLR leggings. The material feels just as good, but I really hate the waistband for myself. I’m a size 14 and ordered the plus size. I wear them because I don’t have other solid black leggings yet, but once I find a good soft pair with a yoga band the Viv leggings are going in the donation bin. If you are like me and can’t stand fabric digging in even a little bit the Viv aren’t for you.

    1. Try Faded Glory Essential/Knit leggings from Walmart. They are comparable and cheaper than LuLaRoe. They just don’t have as many fun prints.

  10. I actually started buying the VIV Collections leggings before I even knew about Lularoe! Yes, I live in a bubble. ;). I actually saw a gal wearing some floral leggings in my building that I thought were really cute. I immediately looked on Amazon (I get 6-7 packages from them daily) & went through the reviews on the various vendors until I found VIV. I purchased about 10 pairs (leggings and capris) in a 2-week span. What I found though, was that, even though I am careful to always order from VIV Collection, what I get is not always from them. Sometimes, I get a pair marked “Kathy” or something like that. Those are #$%@! Be careful. If you don’t get VIV leggings, then they can be more transparent, pill more easily, and have really big sizing inconsistencies.

    Also, in case you are still on the hunt for cute tunics, I found that the Popana Print Tunic tops have a really cute swing & are a good length. The Junky Closet Tunic Top Dresses are also cute & have a very different fabric (thicker, almost like a sweater knit). They are also longer (comes down to my knees, but I am only 5’1″), so it is great for gals looking for coverage of their assets. Both have really cute prints and decent, consistent quality. Some of the other vendors are really poor quality, inconsistent sizing, and don’t seem to stand behind their product.

    Sorry, I’m talking to you as though I know you…

    1. Thanks Enna! And I feel as though I do know you! I appreciate your insight. I’m sure different people have difference experiences and I love to hear all of them.

  11. I’ve been going through the Lularoe he** you describe here ALL morning.. I just ordered some of these for myself and my tall daughter from Amazon. Cant’ wait to check them out! Thanks for the post!

  12. This is so helpful. I can also sew my clothes and want to make sure regarding hype-what is it all about? I can sew leggings in 20 minutes, the quality of the material is definitely what make them.
    Thanks again for a most helpful comparison.

  13. Do you think there is an age limit on this style. I love the look but worry I’m too old to pull it off! I’m 58 wear a12/14 pants and large tops. I’m a 36D. Any insight will help! Thanks

    1. I really don’t think there is an age limit. I think those limits are in our heads! Have fun Lisanne! I think the fun prints on the leggings would be perfect for your body type/size. I see others try to mix patterns on the top and the bottoms, but honestly, that drives me nuts. I stay with a solid color on top and fun bottoms. I think you will be just fine. Age is just a number. I never think about my age. Just have fun with it!

      1. I’m 62 and curvy. I love my dark and subtle designed LLR with a long dark top and boots – you don’t see too much of your leg and everything else is covered. I have 2 pair and my daughter bought me my first pair and said they look great! Makes me feel comfy and fun 🙂
        Go for it! Life is too short to feel old.

  14. I just placed an Amazon order based on your recommendations. Would love to hear about any tunics that you love! I prefer modest neckline and rear covering. I am 5′ 7″ and weigh about 170 with 36DD chest. Thanks!

    1. I know your are going to love the leggings. I know I do! Tunics are a different story. It’s hard to find a good tunic top. I have tried one that I like. It’s called a tunic with handkerchief hem. Here’s the link directly to the Tunic I purchased (aff link)
      I found this tunic to be fairly true to size. This material is very light. It’s like a t-shirt type material. It’s comfy but I can imagine this shirt won’t last as long as I would like if it were thicker. It hangs nicely and covers my backside too. I loved wearing this shirt in the summer time but I wished they had a thicker type material for the winter. I purchased 4 different colors.

  15. As for tunic tops: I’ve been buying Old Navy dresses in petite and wearing them as tops. Or buying tops in tall (I’m not remotely tall and am usually too tall for petites) and they typically work great with leggings. Short/cropped tops seem to be the thing right now anyway, which is not flattering on me at all, so leggings or not I tend to buy the tall size.

  16. J c pennys has juniors plus size decree swing tees for $12 on sale and an extra 20% off currently. Longer in the back, double side slits, and they run huge. I wear a medium or large women’s top & am a small in this tunic.

  17. Free to live brand kimono sleeve tunics on Amazon are great to pair with the VIV leggings. Soft, comfy…not clingy. Covers the rear. 3 pair for $39.99.

  18. Thanks for the info! I was on the LLR crazy train for a several months, but made myself jump off when all the quality control issues hit last month. Way too many new factories/countries, materials, and inconsistent fits made online pop-up shopping disappointing.

    It looks like the VIV don’t have a yoga waistband like the LLR – are they still as comfortable around the waist for you?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. No yoga waistband but still comfortable to me. It seems to have a 3/4 inch elastic waistband but the soft kind, not the hard ones. The band doesn’t dig in to your skin like some do. I have been extremely happy with them. The material feels exactly the same and I am very happy about that because I love that soft, buttery type feel.

  19. For those of us with larger legs, do the patterns stretch out at all? Are they see through? Thanks so much for the info!

    1. No, I have bigger legs (thigh area actually) and I was worried about the same thing. The material feels and acts exactly the same way! No thinning and no stretching of the patterns.

  20. Thank you for this review. I love Lularoe, but find it frustrating that you cannot simply order what you want. I had seen the VIV on Amazon, and am glad to know that they compare in quality, but SO much better in price! I think I will give them a try!

  21. Ha! I recently discovered those VIV leggings too because I did not want to shell out $25 for leggings. I do not own any LuLaRoe leggings so I wondered how they really compared. Thanks for the review. I wish the VIV collection would come out with more fun patterns though.

  22. I am not trying to be nosy but what size do you normally wear? I am about a 20 on the bottom(big butt and hips) do you believe the amazon ones would actually fit me?

    1. Good question Jeneva. We tried these on women in multiple sizes. We tried these on women from size 10 all the way to size 22. They fit nicely for this range.

  23. Hey Jennifer, thanks for the info. I ordered a pair of Viv leggings. I also order a tunic from the same website. Love the above tunic. Thanks again.

    1. I love the tunics also. I wished the fabric was a bit heavier though. I do love the length though because they cover my rear! Lol! The fabric flows nicely too.

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