Do you want to be a Product Tester for Eyeliner or Eyeshadow? Read this!!!

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Test Products for FREE

If you are wanting to be a Product Tester for Angels Black Eyeliner or Revlon Eye-Shadow, I will tell you how!

Head over to Toluna and SIGN UP NOW!!!!

Toluna will open up their testing area for multiple make-up tests.  You will get full sized products to test in return for your opinion.  Sounds like a great deal, right?!  Yeah, I thought so too!

Angels Black Eyeliner testing campaign opens on 3/5 and the Revlon Eye-shadow testing campaign opens on 3/10!  Sign up HERE now and be ready when they open these tests!  Limited subscriptions to test!

After you sign up you will need to confirm your email and complete your profile.  Then look at the top toolbar under the Rewards tab to see the Testing Area.  This is were you will submit to test products.


PS…  The Axe Dry Deodorant testing campaign is still live!  You can get in on that one still!


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