Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat!

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Grumpy Cat’s Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat!  #GrumpyBirthday

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Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat!  How can you resist that cute little grumpy face?  Friskies® is going all out for a birthday party for Grumpy Cat with our favorite Friskies® treats!  Friskies® Party Mix!  You can snack your own bag of party treats for your beloved furbaby at your local Walmart.   My furbaby tried these treats and loves them!

We started a Grumpy Cat party of our own!   You can tell that some of us needed a grumpy cat mask and some could make Grumpy Cat’s face perfectly without a mask!

Grumpy Cats Birthday Sweepstakes

Enter the Grumpy Cat’s birthday Sweepstakes and you can win a trip to New York to join the Grumpy Cat party! So enter to win, go get your Friskies Party Mix from Walmart, and you and your feline friend can party together!  NEW YORK BABY!!!

Head over to Grumpy Cat’s Birthday Party and get your entry in!  You could be the lucky one! All you have to do is upload your cat’s grumpiest frown for a chance to win a trip to Grumpy Cat’s “Super Terrible 2” birthday party on 4/29/14 in NYC!  Be sure to look at the other uploads of grumpy faces because they are too adorable to pass up!

Friskies® has been a well trusted product with our pets for as long as I can remember.  As soon as I shake the bag my little baby comes running.  She’s a bit camera shy so it’s really hard to grab a photo of her.  We also have a dog that gets extremely jealous.  He wouldn’t hurt anyone but he tends to get sad whenever we give the cat more attention.  They are both just like 3 year old little kids!

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