Holiday Gift Idea: Crayola Light Designer with a price comparison!!! Plus Rebates!!!

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Crayola Deals and Rebate Opportunities!

Is Christmas ever complete with out some sort of Crayola gift?!  I think not!  Crayola is a huge part of all of our Holiday celebrations!  Crayola has always been pretty generous with their rebates as well! This item is definitely making it on the iSave Holiday Gift Guide list!

This year is no surprise when it comes to these rebates too!  You can score up to $38 in Mail In Crayola Rebates here.

I’ve got my eye on the Crayola Light Digital Designer!!  The average retail price is $49.99!  But I found multiple places that have it on sale now!  Plus, you can get a $5.00 Crayola Rebate right now too!  (valued until 12/31/12!)  Yay!

Here is a price breakdown from a few of the top stores for the popular toy:  Crayola Light Digital Designer!

Crayola Light Digital Designer is $39.99 on Amazon + Free Shipping automatically! (down from $49.99) (Tip: Use your FREE Swagbucks gift cards)

Target has the Crayola Digital Designer for the exact same price! $39.99 down from $49.99 (Tip: Use your Red card and get free shipping and 5% off)

Walmart has it in stock and on sale for $39.99 but you will have to ship it to your local store and pick it up to avoid the shipping charges or spend $45+ to get free shipping. (Works if you are purchasing other items)

Kmart online: Does not carry the Crayola Digital Designer.

Toys R Us carries if for $59.99  🙁

Rebates available from Crayola until 12/31/12:

  • Digital Light Designer $5.00
  • Crayon Maker $3.00
  • Glow Book $3.00
  • Glow Board $3.00
  • Glow Dome $3.00
  • Jewelry Boutique $3.00
  • Color Wonder Light Up Paint Palette $3.00
  • Marker Airbrush $3.00
  • Sketcher Projector $3.00
  • Light Sketcher $3.00
  • Ultimate Art Supplies $3.00
  • My First Crayola Color Me A Song $3.00

Happy Savings my Friends!

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