If you LOVE glitter nail polish you MUST read this!!!

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If you use glitter nail polish you are going to love these!

10 Piece nail soakers are a must if you LOVE your glitter nail polish. As you know it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get all of that glitter off with cotton balls or cotton rounds and nail polish remover. These nail soakers really help keep that nail polish remover or acetone on your nail long enough to let that glitter slide off after soaking.

Now, you could use foil and cotton balls but the thing I love about these is that you can re-use them. Save your foil Ladies! Even if you don’t want to fill up the little containers with nail polish remover I bet you can soak a cotton ball and then slide it on your finger to hold into place.

The best part about these little piggie soakers? They only cost $5.00!!!!! What a deal!!!


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