Lutron Maestro® Sensor Giveaway

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Lutron Maestro Sensor Giveaway

Lutron Maestro® Sensor Giveaway

Remember this article where I told you all the love I have for the Lutron Maestro® Sensor because it saves money,  electricity and my sanity?   Well I love it so much that I want one lucky reader to experience the same feelings I have for it so I am giving one away!

The Lutron Maestro® Sensor light switch is really easy to install.  It’s definitely a job you can do yourself with in a matter of minutes just by switching off the breaker and following the simple instructions.   If you do have trouble, they also have a technical support line that is available 24/7.  Pretty cool huh!  I doubt you will have any trouble at all.   Think of it as an easy installation process that will save you a good amount of money for years to come.


  • Works with incandescents, halogens, dimmable compact fluorescents (CFLs) and dimmable LEDs, no special wiring required
  • Patented Ambient Light Detect senses daylight—only turns lights on when there is not enough natural light present
  • Proprietary Advanced XCT™ sensing technology detects fine motions to ensure lights stay on when rooms are occupied and allows for sensitivity level to be adjusted
  • Reliable on/off sensing performance up to 30 feet
  • Can function in two modes:
    • Occupancy mode: automatically turns lights on when entering a room, keeps them on while someone is present, and turns them off after they leave
    • Vacancy mode: manually turn lights on when entering a room and the sensor automatically turns lights after someone leaves

Now there are many different Lutron Maestro Sensors depending on your needs.  Maybe you have a ceiling fan in the switch or maybe you have a dimmable light.  Check out all the different options here.


  • Adds convenience and energy-savings to any room by automatically turning lights on and off
  • Offered in a variety of colors to match décor beautifully
  • Complements Lutron family of Maestro® smart controls including dimmers, fan controls and timers


  • Gloss – White, Ivory, Almond, Light Almond, Gray, Brown and Black
  • Satin – Hot, Merlot, Plum, Turquoise, Sea Glass, Taupe, Eggshell, Biscuit, Snow, Palladium, Midnight, Sienna, Terracotta, Greenbriar, Bluestone, Mocha Stone, Goldstone, Desert Stone, Stone, Limestone


Two models available – one version for small rooms and one for large rooms, priced at $29 and $41.50

Giveaway Details:

Now you  have the chance to win your very own Lutron Maestro® Sensor.  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what room you need this sensor in the most.  For me it was a toss up between the bathroom and the kitchen pantry.  One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win one!  How cool is that?!!


No purchase necessary to enter, leave a comment as your entry method. This giveaway is not associated with any of the entry methods. This giveaway will run till 11:59 PM CST, July 5, 2015. The winner will be picked using a random winner picker and will be announced in this blog post as an update.  The winner will also be notified via the email address provided in your comment.  This Ggiveaway is open to US residents who are 18 years or older.  The winner will be contacted and have 48 hours to reply to contact e-mail or the prize is forfeited. Prizing provided by Lutron Maestro®.  I have the right to cancel this giveaway at any time.  I have the right to substitute the prize if needed.


Good luck iSavers!


Lutron Maestro save money

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  1. My son and husband leave for work every day at 4:30 a.m. I wake up hours later and the darn kitchen light is always on in the bright sunshine!

  2. That’s a hard one!! We need one for every room but I’m going with dd’s bedroom because she is forever leaving the light on in there!!!

  3. this sounds very nice. i would need one in my walk in closet or the laundry room. it would be a toss up b/t the 2 rooms since neither have windows and i frequent them a lot.

  4. For me it would be the bathroom or the hallway leading to the bathroom. Everyone turns on both lights when there is more then enough natural light.

  5. I have to say I would probably put it in the bathroom! My husband is constantly leaving the light on and I want to try to save on the bill, so with this I will be doing just that.

  6. We would need one in the bathroom…somehow we seem always in a rush to get out and the light stays on… it would be nice if it turns off automatically 🙂

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