Lynda Training Reviews: Refresh Your Skills or Learn Something New! Free 7 Day Trial Offer!

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Lynda training review

Lynda Training Reviews

I just have to tell you about my Lynda training reviews!  Have you heard of yet?  It’s an online training library with tons of videos to teach you a new skill or maybe even just give you a refresher course on the skills you already have!  Maybe you just want to master ebay or photography or maybe you are heading in a different directions and need to learn InDesign, Animation or HTML!  Lynda has over 91,000 tutorials and more added everyday!  I bet they have a tutorial for what you want to learn!

I am a huge supporter of ever since I tried it myself.  I have some Photoshop skills but let’s face it, I’m not a pro at Photoshop and I don’t have a ton of time to take a complete college course either!  At I can watch videos I want I my own pace.  I can pause, fast forward or even rewind when I need to hear it again!  I love it!  Besides, I have kids and a family and they don’t always go along with a schedule I want to keep…

They have videos designed for beginners, intermediate to advanced users too.  I know some Photoshop so I don’t consider myself to be a beginner so it was very nice to be able to jump to the more advanced videos when I needed to.

Next I plan to take some of the Photography video classes they have.  I’ve always wanted to learn a bit more about my DSLR camera!  For those courses I will be starting as a beginner.

Here’s the best part, you can sign up now for a free 7 day trial to see if this is something you can use too!

After your trial period you can cancel it with no further obligation or you can choose to continue the subscription for a small fee depending on your needs.  You can start a monthly subscription for only $25 a month!  If you have a ton of things you want to learn you could save a few dollars and grab a full year subscription for only $250/year!   You also have the option of getting a premium subscription.  The premium subscription allows you access to the exact training files they use so you can follow along and do exactly what they are telling you to do on the same files.  This is extremely helpful to me in my Photoshop tutorials but not everyone needs the files so it’s an option you can choose.

Lynda training review


Head over here to start your free trial today!  You will be glad you did!

Enjoy and Happy Learning my Friends!

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