Minecraft Lovers Gift Guide

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Minecraft Lovers Gift Guide

I’ve spent so much time trying to find Minecraft gifts that I thought someone else could use a helpful Minecraft Lovers Gift Guide.

My crazy kid is an ultimate Minecraft lover.  You may call her an addict even.  (Let’s hope she doesn’t need a Minecraft 12 step program or intervention any time soon). We’ve had fun creating Minecraft Sugar Cookies and even a homemade DIY Minecraft Tshirt using freezer paper!  Both are super fun projects and totally worth trying!

She loves to watch Youtube but I don’t let her watch just anybody.  There is this YouTube personality named PoetPlays (have you heard of him?) that he goes crazy for.  She goes all “fan girl” when he’s on!  She has a crush!!!  lol…  He is the only one I let her watch.  I’ve watched many, many YouTube videos with her and the worst word that he says is “crap.”  It’s hard to find PG rated Minecraft tutorials or videos for kids to watch but I feel pretty safe with PoetPlays.  (Thanks Poet if you read this!)

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for Minecraft gift ideas.  It’s a bit difficult to find gift ideas that aren’t made of foam or paper too.  Minecraft items seem to be a bit far and few between so it makes gift ideas hard.  Below I’ve listed a few gift ideas that I feel are worthy of mentioning and even a few that I’ve already ordered myself.  Keep in mind that Amazon prices change often with demand.  The closer we get to Christmas the higher the demand is for “hot” toys.  Minecraft is extremely popular this year too!

Minecraft Gift Guide

Minecraft Lovers Gift Guide Ideas:

Minecraft Creeper Green Pillow Cushion 15″ X 15″ Inchs on sale at $18.90

Minecraft – 2014 Calendar listed at $6.83

Minecraft Creeper 7″ Plush listed at $14.77

Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with Accessory listed at $13.84

LEGO Minecraft (Original) 21102 listed at $34.99

Minecraft Like A Boss Youth Video Game T-Shirt Tee starting at $10.50 and up depending on the size

Minecraft Creeper Premium Zip-up Hoodie I found prices from $45.94 all the way up to $100 because this hoodie is in high demand. I ended up buying my daughter the adult size medium and she rolls up the sleeves. She absolutely LOVES this hoodie! They have sold these at Hot Topic in the mall but they always sell out fast.

Invasion of the Overworld: A Minecraft Novel the paperback version is only $4.79!

Set of 5 Colors Minecraft Creeper Bracelet Wristbands only $4.79 for all 5

Official Minecraft Overworld 7″ Plush Baby Mooshroom COW & Baby PIG Figure SET of 2 listed at $26.73. If you are lucky enough to find these at your local Walgreens I saw them there for only $9.99 each.

(4×5) Minecraft Pin Pack only $9.99 (reg $15)! This isn’t a bad price at all and the kids love wearing these or even putting them on their backpacks!



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