Money Management with #MilitaryMoneyApp

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This post is sponsored on behalf of The Motherhood.  All opinions are love for this money app is all my own.

Money Management with #MilitaryMoneyApp

Money Management with #MilitaryMoneyApp

I am so happy to be part of a campaign that allows people to budget their funds.  This is something that is close to my heart and worth every bit of your time.  I can remember growing up in a Military family.  Yes, I’m a Military brat and proud of it!   I can remember the budgeting we had to do just to make ends meet.  I remember how hard it was to move to a different city or state and have to find all the money saving opportunities in our new area.  It’s not easy.  It’s not easy for anyone but it’s a lot tougher on Military families because of how often they move.

The first start to any type of financial success is to have a plan.  Support is the next step.  You have got to see how technology is helping families to gain financial success.  I sure wished my family had something like this when we needed help and guidance.

The new Military Money App has a few different resources.  You can get basic training videos to gain the knowledge you need.  There is a toolbox with tons of financial resources.  There’s also an action center to put your plan in place.  This is everything you need to determine your budget, debt and a savings plan!  I just can’t even express how excited I am to be part of this.  I love that it was created by McGraw Hill too.

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What the app offers:

  • Essential tools that help you create a credit card debt reduction plan, build a balanced budget and structure a savings plan.
  • An introductory video training series that covers Making Credit Work for You, Digging Out of Debt and Building a Better Budget.
  • Tips and information on a range of financial situations faced by service members like retirement, deployment and buying a house.

An optional reminder function that prompts you to revisit your financial plans each month.

This app is not just for Military families either.

My Military & Money App, and corresponding website www.mymilitary&, are just two ways in which military families can find answers to many of their basic personal financial questions.  Both resources provide information and easy to use tools on personal finance topics including credit, home buying, savings, retirement and more. The app is available for both android and iPhone/iPad platforms and is easy to use and appealing to families seeking help with stressful financial situations or looking to prepare for a big financial decision.

McGraw Hill Financial and BB Military Line remain committed to providing solid and helpful resources to young military families.


#MilitaryMoneyApp Twitter Party Details:

If got exciting news for you!  On Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 at 1PM EST, you can be part of the twitter party and learn lots more about this amazing tool.  Use the hashtag #MilitaryMoneyApp to join the party.  There will be trivia questions and great prizes too.  Please RSVP here.



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