Netspend PrePaid Debit Card: Perfect bank account alternative for teenagers & college students!

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Netspend could be the best thing for your teenager or college student right now! It’s a better bank account alternative!

Carry less cash and use your PrePaid Debit card for all of your online purchases or even pay your bills! It works just like a credit card or bank card but it’s more secure and it’s not tied to your credit history or bank account information!

If you teenager/college student has trouble managing money and/or balancing their checkbook, this is exactly what they need! You can easily get your balance via a free text message or email alerts! You can even be sent your balance after every transaction! Say goodbye to overdraft fees!

If you find it impossible to get credit because of questionable credit, this is for you! Don’t pay those very high credit card interest rates either!

Head over to Netspend here!


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