New Year = New Goals + New Me and some tools to help!

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Happy New Year Everyone!  I can’t help but to feel grateful for all the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced this year because they can only help me grow stronger and learn lessons I was meant to learn.  I try my hardest to keep a positive outlook on mostly everything I do.

Happy New YearI can’t wait to see what this new year will bring for each of us!  I am wishing all iSavers a Fun, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

I’m not real big on News Years Resolutions as most are but I do love to set a few goals that I can attempt to achieve.

This year I want to focus on a simple life.  I simple life of love, happiness, health and well being but also with lots and lots of fun along the way.  I’m determined to take you all along for the ride if you are willing to join me!

As we being the new year I have an exciting announcement!  I have partnered with a dear friend of mine (she is practically a long lost sister if you will) name Chris.  Chris and I have started a new blog that focuses on simple living.  We plan to bring you simple living tips, crafts, recipes, but also with a green living twist!  This may be a challenge for me because I could use help in the “recycling” area.  I do some but not nearly as much as Chris does.  Our new website is called  If you have a minute be sure to check it out!  It’s completely different from the deals I bring you on iSave.

Back to New Years goals, I’ve decided to simply drink more water.  I am off to an awesome start but I need to keep focused.  Am I the only one that struggles with drinking the right amount of waterI tend to get really busy during a work day and I forget.  I’ve created a reminder notification on my phone to help me with this goal but if you have a better idea, I am all ears!

Drink plenty of water to lose face fat

Next I plan to be more active!  I never like to say the word diet because I almost consider that to be a four letter bad word!  I always seem to fall off my diet when I set one so I’m not going to set myself up for that kind of failure.  I prefer to say that I have a goal to be more active and to possibly lose fat along the way! HA!  Oh and before I forget, if you need a jump start diet, you should totally check out the Military Diet 3 day plan.  I’ve tried it and it really does work.  I was super hungry by day 3 but it was do-able!

Speaking of exercise and such, I just purchased a Fitbit Force!  I had a heck of a time trying to find one.  Everyone must be on the hunt for this amazing device!  I tried Academy Sports and they don’t even carry it.  What?!  Crazy right.  Next I tried Target and they have been sold out since two weeks before Christmas and every time new stock comes in they go fast.  I even had them call around to 2 of the nearest Target stores to check their inventory.  I gave up and decided to purchase it online.  It was shipped fast so I am now ready to get started with my goals and move more wit lots of exercise.  If you have a Fitbit and want to be friends, my profile is here:

I love tools to help me keep up with my goals.  If you are the same and are in need of some tools for fitness you may want to check out Amazon’s special deal page today!  They have tons (and I mean TONS) of Fitness Essentials at up to 40% off!  I’m not a big fan of purchasing the latest and greatest fitness essentials but sometimes they do help.  I encourage you to start slowly and maybe even just get our for a walk!  That requires NO MONEY and no special equipment.

Today, I plan to combine my exercise plans and play with my youngest at the same time on our trampoline!  Man, I forgot how much fun the trampoline can be!  We play break the egg and she is dang good at that game.  Me.  Not so much.  Let’s just hope I don’t break anything.  Thank goodness for the huge safety net on it.

Have a very Happy New Year friends!




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