Olsen Twins Style Fashion (on the cheap)!!!

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The Olsen Twins Fashion

The Olsen Twins Style & Fashion On The Cheap!!!

I love the Olsen Twins Style and Fashion so I decided to find some products that we could use to duplicate their choices but still stay within our budget!

These young ladies are into some serious fashion. You may remember them from Full House,  but they have grown up since then! After Full House they went on to become co-presidents of their own company Dualstar on their 18th birthday and it seems they have not stopped since then. They have 3 fashion lines from Wal-Mart to “The Row” named after Savile Row in London which is synonymous with high fashion and tailoring.

While looking at their stunning fashion that they wear so well and the fashion that these sisters create, I wondered if I could find other looks inspired by theirs at a cheaper price. Let me show you what I found!!!!

Andy Warhol shirtFirst of all this Andy Warhol Banana shirt is only $17.95! Way cool.

Here is another photo of the twins and I was focused on the earrings. Very fashionable to any outfit!  Seriously…  how cute are these girls?!!!

The Olsen Twins Fashion

I found some 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Chandelier Drop Earrings that are a really good match to get this style!  These babies normally run about $340 retail price but I found them on sale at only $125!  Only $125 for GOLD AND DIAMONDS!  Yeah Baby!!!

I realize not all of use can splurge on the real gold and diamonds so I found something a little easier on our pocketbooks.  We can still match the fashion and yet keep our budget in check too!  Just look at these darlings:

41QJL93-GEL._SY395_They inspire the same look for so much cheaper at $16.99!  Yay!  Major savings without sacrificing the style!

And summer is coming!!!!! Time to get a new swim suit. Check out this bikini top and bottom inspired the Olsen twins bathing suit.

053112-bikini-lead-340    61FSz0XKF8L._SL1001_I found this one for just $36.00!!! If you don’t have black bikini bottoms to match with different tops check out these JAG Women’s Jag Solid Bikini Swim Bottoms

Then I wanted to see the Olsen twin’s style they created in The Row fashion line.


NMV1JKW_mx This simple clean style really caught my eye. My heart sank when I saw the $2800 price tag!

Fossil Vintage Revival Flap Portfolio

Here is what I call an Olsen Twin fake fashion twist!!!!  This product is not fake though,  you are looking at a Vintage Fossil Purse at a reasonable price!

This one has a similar clean look and it’s almost the same color of leather. The price $158.00 is still stretching my budget really far but I found another similar one  for even less.618mCh4sgzL._SL1001_This purse is a tad bit bigger than the original but I love the clean lines and the color. A much more reasonable $64.48 I wouldn’t feel so guilty spoiling myself.

Check out this over-sized shoulder tote from The Row line at Neiman Marcos for an amazing $2700.00!!!!

NMV1JL0_mx       This one is a more reasonable $39.99.61suYIa7ZML._SL1000_

The tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses are a great look for summer. You’ll pay $445.00 for these but there are more reasonable alternatives.

NM-45FN_mx    51Mm+wdGjeL._SL1050_Just $6.95!!!! Same look but wow such a price difference!

Now for the clothes!!!! These Olsen twins hot classic pieces caught my eye!

NMB22TT_mx This long sleeve fitted black dress will cost you $ 580.00 but because it is a classic look you can find it for much much cheaper.


Doublju Fitted Dress with Open Shoulder in Stretch Cotton Spandex Just $24.99!!!!!

How about this Cashmere sweater doubled with a long sleeve striped shirt under?

NMB1ZYG_mx $950.00 vs. $77.00 for this one 71af0uNQDXL._SL1500_

NMB1ZZ4_mx Love this motorcycle jacket $2590.00 vs. $99.99 for this one.4145KBoZqNL

They have the same clean lines without too many zippers and the collar is the same basic shape. This fitted look will make all of your workouts show. 🙂

What would a talk about fashion be without talking about shoes?

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.23.16 PM These were so cute I couldn’t pass them up. I loved how they didn’t take away from her dress but they could literally stand on their own and make an impression. I’ll have to confess that this inspiration was the hardest to find. Tell me what you think about these two pair?

71c93k8LUjL._SL1364_ I love the way these tie in the front with a delicate bow and still have the peep toe in the front but at $120.00 I will have to do better.

71i5TuE-rbL._SL1500_These are just $39.99 and they have the same suede look and delicateness with a heel that won’t feel like a stilleto.

Fashion in my world is meant to be an inspiration and a challenge to find something with the same style only way more affordable.



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