Pretend Hunger Games and the Nerf Cross Bow

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Pretend Hunger Games and the Nerf Cross Bow

My daughter just told me she wanted a Nerf Cross Bow.  Actually, she started off wanting a real bow and arrow.  Have you seen the movie or read The Hunger Games book yet?  Let’s just say Katniss Everdeen has given a whole new meaning to girl power and a bow and arrow.  My girls look up to here.  They pretend to be like her.  I enjoyed the book and the movie.

Pretend Hunger Games and the Nerf Cross Bow

I ended up getting the Nerf cross bow and arrows, my kids were ecstatic as they ran out to play with them immediately! It’s so great to see a product as unique as this one, instead of the typical guns and ammo you would find within the Nerf products. Finally the kids can play the pretend The Hunger Games with their new safe toys!  They get tons of exercise and they don’t even realize it.  We actually have other kids in our neighborhood that come over and play this game with them!

The Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker bow is great because it can easily substitute for a real bow for kids who just want to play, or even act out their own Hunger Games without anyone getting hurt! The ammo, or “arrows” as they would be, are made out of a foamy substance and you can barely even feel when they hit you! The package comes with 5 of these ‘arrows’ and they are brightly colored so it’s hard to lose! Even on the off chance that you do lose them, there’s replacement rounds which are easy to purchase, and you can even get a little pouch to strap around your waist to keep them in! Now THAT is convenient! Not only are these bows great in safety aspects, but they are really easy to use too! Real bows take strength to pull back and to shoot far, but these Nerf bows have a built in contraption to make it easier with better results! With these, who would want a real bow anyway? These seem too much fun to go and spend the money on a real bow!

My girls highly recommend the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker bow, especially if you are a fan of The Hunger Games!



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  1. We bought this for our granddaughter, age 3. Compared to other Nerf products the Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow was a disappointment 🙁 It said the arrows would go 5 feet. She, her older sister and we adults were lucky to have it fly about 2 feet. Sorry, we were not impressed with this product/

    1. The Heartbreaker bow is for ages 8 and up. You have to have the strength to pull it back far enough to see the little green piece come out. If you are not shooting it correctly it won’t work. Try it again. Once you figure it out I bet you will be impressed. I don’t think any 3 yr old could manage this one though. It’s not meant for that age group.

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