Razor Jr Scooter Giveaway

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Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.49.14 AMRazor Jr Scooter Giveaway

You all know my love for the Razor brand so I just have to give a Razor Jr Scooter away to one very lucky reader.   We plan to do two giveaways with in two weeks. This giveaway will be for a Razor Jr scooter and starting on November the 4th we will giveaway a Razor Kick Scooter!

Now for a little bit on the Razor Jr Scooter…  This is the new line of pint-sized, preschool rides that help youngsters learn the basics of balance and coordination.

There are a few different designs for boys and girls:


Razor Jr Scooter Giveaway Details:

Razor Jr: Enter to win the Razor Jr product of your choice*!

To Enter head over to YouTube and subscribe to the Razor Jr YouTube channel found here.  Then, leave a comment below telling me your youtube user name (for verification purposes) and tell me which Razor Jr Scooter is your favorite and why it’s your favorite.  For example,  my favorite is the Zombie Kix because it has huge zombie hands for the handle bars!

This giveaway will end on October 26th at 11pm CST.  Winners will be contacted via email.

The Razor Jr ones that you choose from are: Kix, Kuties, Mixie, Monster Kix, Scribble, Twisti, and Zombie Kix.

*Winners will pick their top choice but we reserve the right to substitute the product out for a similar product if we don’t have any products in stock at that time. Colors will be random (also preferred colors will be noted).

Extra Savings Opportunity:

Razor is having a 25% off Razor Jr Kix/Zombie/Cowboy/and Unicorn until 10/31st for those who can’t wait to see if they win! Use Coupon code: SPOOKMONSTER14 to get this extra discount!
Now be sure to stay tuned for our next Razor Kick scooter that will begin on 10/31!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get the giveaway details straight to your inbox.

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  1. My son would very much enjoy having a scooter. Zombie Kix is my favorite becaus He is fascinated with Zombies and the color green!!! Thank You for the oppurtunity!!

  2. Love the mix because I have twin boys and want them to share it…not fight over it…so being plain but cool looking is just fine

  3. razor jr youtube subscriber: tabathia b

    I like the twisti because it’s different than the average scooter and she can sit and manipulate

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  4. My favorite Razor Jr Scooter is the Monster Kix because of how wide the base is for easy control..plus, I know my sons going to love those big hands and greens his favorite color!!!

  5. Amy Stonger
    My favorite is the Zombie Kix too! I love the zombie hands and know my son would get a kick out of it as well.

  6. Subscribed to their You Tube: Ellie Wright

    I love the Kuties because I finally have a granddaughter after 3 sons and 2 grandsons. I’m loving girly stuff right now.

  7. My son has asked for this several times. We got him the cheap version but just not the same 🙁 I’d be the coolest mom if we won this scooter 🙂

    1. The zombie. Having a few grandsons that are toddlers to pre-K with how “cool” this looks with huge hands and feet and the bright green which is there favorite color as Mom/Aunts cancer color is that vibrant green. They’d LOVE this!

  8. I love the Zombie Kix. Its my favorite because it has the zombie hands handle bars. Caught my eye the first time I saw them.

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