Silhouette Portrait on Sale!!

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Silhouette Portrait on Sale!!

You all know how much I’ve been enjoying my Silhouette Portrait machine and now it’s on sale!  This sale is going strong until December 8th so you still have time to grab this one!  Use Promo Code:  ISAVE to get this 40% off discount!  It works for the Silhouette Cameo too! You must be signed in to add the promo code.  You will see the discount at your final checkout screen.

I personally prefer the Silhouette machine because of the trace feature.  You don’t have to purchase cartridges over and over again and it lets me be super creative.  The biggest difference I see between the Portrait and the Cameo is the size of the mat.  The Silhouette is 8 inches wide and the Cameo is 12 inches wide.  I have the Silhouette Portrait and love it!  I think it’s an awesome machine for the price!  I love how you get a credit with the bundle.  It allows you to try crafts in the store to get you started!

We love out 3D Kitty paper craft project and our Silhouette Paper Candy Flower Lollipop.    Both of these projects are easy and for beginners.  I am currently working on a project to dress up my boring black mailbox and another project to bling up my rubber boots!  I just completed a DIY project where I took and old liquor bottle and turned it into a large soap dispenser with a pump.  I designed the labels myself using picmonkey and simple traced my design.  It was super easy.  Stay tuned for the full tutorial on that one.  It will be on the blog soon.  Stay tuned for lots of fun projects.  Can you tell I’m excited?!!

Head over here to order your Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette Cameo machine at this huge discount!


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