Teespring Review: Fun & No Risk Crowdfunding in Action!

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*Disclosure:  This post was sponsored post by Teespring.  I have received compensation to write this post but all opinions are 100% my own.

Teespring Review

I was just given the opportunity to give a Teespring review!  I’m excited to tell you that just found a fun and no risk way to start a crowdfunding campaign with just a vision in mind!  This is not like any other crowdfunding source you have ever seen before.  Plainly put, it’s simple!

Do you have a dream to do something bit but just don’t have the funds to support it?  Do you have a cause that you feel lead to help?  Have you looked into crowdfunding before only to see the risk was too high for you to take?  I have answers!  I would like to introduce you to Teespring!

Here are a few examples of past Teespring successful campaigns:

I just love how this family created a t-shirt to raise money for their adoption.  They ended up selling a simple “Love makes a Family” t-shirt for $16 each!  They set out to reach a goal of 50 and ended up selling way more than expected with a grand total of 144!  What an inspiring story!!

Love Makes A Family Tshirt

Here’s yet another inspiring story of an 11 year old little girl that raised money to travel to Budapest and Kecskement, Hungary, this summer with the Touring Choir of the Children’s Chorus of Maryland.  She designed her very own tee with Teespring and ended up selling 49 shirts which was past her goal of only 36!

Teespring Review


Another raised over 85K for Boston relief!  This was a 100% verified Donation process!  Love that!

Boston Relief

Here’s how Teespring works:

Choose to launch a campaign.  Teespring has a online designer that allows you to design a tee, choose a goal, set a launch page and get started!

Spread the word about your campaign.  One of the best ways to tell everyone about your goal is via social media.  I am certain your friends and family will be willing to help your venture!

Once you reach your goal the money will be collected and your shirts will be printed and mailed!  Then you get the profits!


Here’s the best part!  Making money for your campaign is easy to do because the base cost for a regular budget friendly Hanes Tagless Tee is only $7.30 @ 50 shirts!  Prices go up from there depending on your needs.  If you choose a simple tee with a wording design and a goal of selling only 50 in your campaign, you could easily score a estimated profit of $110!

There is also a way for you to offset shipping charges too!  You could easily opt for the buyers to pick-up their shirts avoiding that cost all together!

Teespring Review

So next time you want to help support a good cause, think Teespring!  It’s simple and no risk!


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