ThunderToy Review

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**This post was sponsored by ThunderWorks. I was given product in turn for my review but all opinions are 100% my own**

ThunderToy Review

I got an amazing opportunity to work with ThunderWorks on a ThunderToy Review for my little Poohbear!  Poohbear is about 6 pounds and spoiled rotten!  I’ve posted about my little furbaby many times before including the time I wrote about how scared he is in thunderstorms here.  That’s when I learned all about the ThunderShirt for dogs.   It creates a major calming effect on my furbaby during these very stressful times for him (and me!)

Now ThunderWorks and a new toy for dogs called the ThunderToy and ThunderTreats!  I was really skeptical about the treats because my little guy is spoiled rotten.  He won’t eat any treats unless they are the chicken jerky or pumpkin treats.  Those are the only two he will eat.  I’ve tried every kind of treat you can think of with no success.  He’s very finicky to say the least.  He turns his nose up to the generic treats they give out at the banks and coffee shops too.

When I saw the ThunderTreats I thought for sure he wouldn’t like them.  I was positive!  Boy was I wrong!  These are addicting to him!  I have to hide the bag!

Here’s the best part…  The ThunderToy is a very thick rubber that your dog can chew away at.  There is a treat hidden in the middle of the toy so they will be entertained for hours!  This toy is perfect for dogs that love to chew everything.  If you dog is a chewer I highly suggest this toy!!!  It could possibly get all the chewing tendencies out of their system!!

Our uniquely designed ThunderToy distraction toy helps provide an alternative to unwanted destructive chewing.

  • Bottom specifically designed to slowly release ThunderTreats so that your pet can work on its project for a significant period of time
  • Made of high density rubber
  • Now you can tell your chewer to “chew away!”

Right now if you buy a ThunderToy you can score a free bag of those amazing ThunderTreats with your purchase!

Look at my little guy tearing up those treats:

ThunderToy Review

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