Top Five Hidden Gem Christian Movies On Netflix

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Top Five Hidden Gem Christian Movies On Netflix

Top Five Hidden Gem Christian Movies On Netflix

Trying to find a really good Christian movie these days is not as easy as one might think. It seems that most of the movies are either too over-the-top, too Biblically incorrect or too hokey to take seriously. Fortunately, Netflix is absolutely loaded with great Christian content that make you think, search and reflect on your faith. If you enjoy Christian movies at all, consider these five hidden gem Christian movies on Netflix:

The Encounter

This Christian movie is one that I really would never have chosen if not for a recommendation but I certainly am glad that I did. The movie revolves around several characters that all find themselves in a particular place during a thunderstorm. The owner of the café is quite interesting and seems to have a direct interest in the others. I guarantee you will walk away from The Encounter feeling better about your faith. As a bonus… this movie stars professional wrestler Sting.

Son of God

This is the widely anticipated follow-up to the television series The Bible that was so popular. While The Bible focuses on the Old Testament, Son of God focuses on Jesus’ time on earth, His crucifixion and the spread of the Gospel after His resurrection.


This is a great little movie about a little boy that goes to camp and seems to be nothing but trouble. Much more is under the surface, however. When a high strung and uninterested banker type gets put “in charge” of him at summer camp, an odd but powerful thing starts to happen.

God’s Not Dead

This was a huge hit long before Netflix and it is easy to see why. If you wonder about God’s existence, this movie will give you some thoughts from the other side of the Atheist coin. A cerebral and powerful movie, God’s Not Dead allows you to ask the question and even provides a few answers.


This movie is all about loss, pain and dealing with tragedy in a Christian way. The best part of it is that it does so without preaching and without pushing any agenda. The acting is top notch and the story is one of the best in years. Unconditional is a movie you simply have to check out on Netflix.

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