Fraud ALERT! GO Delete your payment information NOW!

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Walmart fraud alert

Walmart Fraud ALERT

There is a new scam happening on

If you have an online account please go in and delete your credit card information NOW!

Here is what’s happening.  Apparently hackers are able to get into your online account with your log on information.  They are ordering airtime cards from Tracfones and the minutes is delivered electronically.  Just as if it were a gift card online.

I found out because I received an email showing an online order for  I never placed an order.  I logged onto my account and I can see two different names with two completely different addresses in two different states!  Here’s the worst part.  I can see everything!  Name, Address, Credit Card info and even their mailing address!

I ended up calling the lady who’s card was charged.  (I would have called Walmart directly but they were closed)  This happened at 11pm at night!  An elderly lady answered the phone and I explained what happened.  She said that she did not place that order but thanked me for calling her so that she could notify her credit card company immediately.

After talking with numerous friends it seems this scam has been happening for months now!  MONTHS!  I’ve never heard of this scam.  If I did I would have immediately either deleted my online account or at the very least deleting my bank account information!

My next thought was to immediately change my password to a crazy long password with capitol letters and crazy symbol characters.  Guess what?  Walmart doesn’t let you have a long password.  They restrict it to between 6 and 11 characters!  NO WONDER they can get hacked so easily!

I’m writing this post to let you know to DELETE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION ON YOUR WALMART.COM account and hopes that will keep your account safe.  I plan to update this post tomorrow once I get in touch with Walmart directly.  Can you believe they don’t even have a fraud phone number.  They do however give you the option to email them.  Which I did immediately.

If you want to call Walmart Customer Service directly let me give you the prompts and save you some frustration with the automated system:

Dial 800-925-6278

Press 2, 2 then 5 to be connected DIRECTLY to a Customer Service Associate!  This will get your straight to an actual human!

Here’s how to change your billing information on your account:

Log into your account here at

After you  have logged in look at the top right menu bar for a tab that says My Account.  Looks like this:

walmart fraud alert

Click My Account.

Next you will get a screen that gives you a link for your “Payment Method Details.”  Looks like this:

Walmart Fraud ALert

Click on the Payment Method Details to remove your payment information.  There is a delete option right next to the credit card that was saved on your account.

Here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 11.49.29 PM

I would encourage you to either share this post with all of your friends or at the very least tell them to check their online Walmart accounts to keep them save.


My Update:  I was able to speak with Terri in Ft. Lauderdale Walmart Customer service to have my account deleted.  I was advised the customer service reps are not allowed to give out their last names or employee numbers.  Let’s just hope my account really is deleted.





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  1. My walmart account was hacked last month. The person actually successfully changed my email address and all personal info so even through calling customer service I can no longer access my account. Thankfully I hadn’t used it in years and if I did have a card saved in it it was expired. I immediately changed all of my passwords to bank, emails and retailers and deleted all stored cards on all retail sites. It was very unnerving and I will never shop on walmart’s site again.

  2. About the Fraud part.. I have to disagree & this is why I think Walmart takes it very Seriously. Last December My Family & I were stationed in Germany. I tried to send a wire transfer to our son. It ended up I couldn’t do it because my IP was over seas.. Well I called my sister in law & had her go online to put in all my info & because they track IP’s they knew it was from her Computer & a few days later she went to go & use her Debit card & it was Denied for why you ask? because she was put on walmart’s fraud list. To be removed she had to call a number,answer some questions & then they had her fax stuff. So I do believe Walmart is very strict about the Fraud. I bet the lady that you called last night if she went to use that Credit card at Walmart today I bet she wouldn’t be able to use anything sooo you might want to call her back so shes not all worried, when they wont let her use her debit card,checks..etc etc anything with her name on it.

  3. this very thing happened to me last year at Christmas!! it was a Saturday afternoon right before Christmas and I received a thank you for my order in my email.. at first I thought I shouldn’t open it in case my husband ordered something for me for Christmas then I realized he didn’t know the password and someone ordered a $900 camera lense! I called my bank and they said the payment went thru I would have to cancel on walmarts end and they would send me a new card.. so still freaking out I googled walmarts number and cancelled online but wanted to hear from someone it was cancelled.. I had an awesome guy on the phone that said it was cancelled but had I not realized by the end of the day it would have went thru and shipped! he told me delete my info out and make my password super hard. after I called the state police to report the fraud bc I had the address we found it the shipping address was a house that was for sale. apparently what they do is ship to houses for sale or abandoned and wait for something to be delivered so they aren’t caught.. then they take the items and sell them (or who knows might keep them or gift them idk, but they said they hear the things get sold online then).. walmart was absolutely understanding and bc I caught it in time nothing even came out of my account but it sure did stink not having a debit card until like the 23rd until Christmas .. but im just glad everything was resolved and I had no charges.. if you google password generators there are sites that make super hard passwords for hackers to crack I cant remember specifically but it wa useful

  4. Wow! I haven’t promoted Walmart all that much on my site since my last problem I had on there. How scary! I will have to go check my account.

    1. Glad you cleared all your payment methods! I’m glad the word is getting out too. I tried contacted the news channels because I want everyone to be warned about this but I have yet to get a response. 🙁

  5. I got hacked and also got the emails. Called Walmart immediately and they cancelled one charge, but never the 2nd so I received a pkg in the mail days later and am having trouble returning it.

  6. Oh gosh what a mess! I just emailed them to cancel my account, I would hate to have that happen, sorry you had issues! I will never understand some people these days!!

    1. Glad you cancelled your account. I would hate to see this happen to anyone else. If Walmart can’t secure their site then we shouldn’t give them our information!

  7. I received a package last month or so and it was some stupid Nivea body cream… in my case my actual card was the one charged for it.. nearly $11 for a stupid jar of cream. I have never even looked at that stuff on their site! I emailed them but they were little help, told me the same thing you have said here. Told me I could return it.. at my expense or return in store and not pay shipping.. Made me mad. The nearest Walmart is a 30 minute trip from my house… They KNOW customer information was compromised and they should not make people pay shipping on items they did not order.

    1. Oh Lisa that’s horrible. Next time you can refuse the shipment which means they have to send it back to them at their expense. Not yours. FYI

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