Winter Hair Tips with SerafinoSays in Star Magazine! @SerafinoSays #HairTips

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Star Magazine with SerafinoSays

Winter Hair Tips

If you are looking for any hair tips I highly suggest you check out   This blog is written by my dear friend, Kristan Serafino.   She is a celebrity hairstylist to the best of them including Matthew McConaughey, Norman Reedus, Channing Tatum just to name a few!

I am very proud to tell you that she was featured in Star Magazine this month as they have named her the authority on hair.  Duh!  Of course she is!!!

Guess what?!  She also hosts a “Monday Makeover” series which allows everyday folks such as myself to get hair makeover advice directly from her!  I was chosen for a SerafinoSays Monday Makeover back in October, check it out!

If you want to get in on a Monday Makeover session, just contact her directly at and you may just get chosen to be the next Monday Makeover.

Way to go Kristan!  You Rock!!!


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