Wanna Lose Fat and Keep It Off?

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How to Lose Fat

Increase your metabolism and start losing fat.  There are a few proven ways you can lose fat.  Start be building about 5 to 10 pounds of muscle.  Add some high intensity workouts to burn calories.  Get the right amount of sleep required.  Most importantly, eat right and eat often.  Eating the right way every two to three hours will feed your muscles and starve fat.  Simply get moving.

Lose Arm Fat 

First thing you need to do is build up the muscle in your arms by doing push ups and lifting weights.  Building muscle will definitely help.  It can be very difficult to target one area alone.  You need to focus on burning fat all over to lose arm fat too.  There are a few targeted exercises you can do though.

Gain Muscle

There’s a whole process you need to follow to gain muscle.  It all starts with diet first.  You need the right amount of caloric intake, protein intake and water to gain muscle.  This will help your body maximize your potential.  Once you have your diet in order then you can concentrate on building stronger muscles.  Work your whole body!  You will see a maximum benefit when your whole body is part of your routine but giving all muscle groups equal attention.  Lastly, rest is very important because your body needs time to recover and repair (build) muscles by getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.


Let’s face it, we need to get our body moving with almost any activity to enhance or maintain or physical fitness or overall health.  We must focus on strengthening our muscles and the cardiovascular system for the purpose of losing fat.  There are many more reasons why physical exercise is good for you besides losing fat though.  Exercise will boost your immune system, prevent diseases, improve mental health and improves self-esteem.

Fast way to Lose

If you are looking for a fast way to lose weight I must tell you that it takes hard work and dedication.  There is no pill or drink that will magically take the fat away.  There are however, ways to lose fat fast when you combine exercise with the right types of foods.  You can turn your metabolic rate up by turning on a switch when you exercise and eat right.  I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to jump start this method too.

Belly Fat 

Belly Fat can be difficult to lose.  We have to start off by determining how you balance the energy you burn with the calories you intake to help get rid of belly fat.  Aging can also play a role.  We tend to lose muscle as we get older.    Women may also notice more belly fat even if they aren’t gaining weight.  This is due to a lower level of estrogen.  Belly fat may also be determined by your genetic component as well.  You can tell if it’s genetics because you would be more of a “apple” shape rather than a “pear” shape.

Lose Thigh Fat 

If you are trying to target thigh fat you’ve got to start out with eating right and exercise first.  Once you have your diet under control and a full body workout like swimming or biking will you be able to work off that thigh fat.  The body will start to lose fat by converting it into usable energy.  This process is called Ketosis.  Then you can start to lost thigh fat by targeting them with certain thigh exercises.  You will need to build muscle in the thigh area by doing squats, lunges, hip extensions and/or inner thigh presses.

Foods to Lose Fat

There are certain foods that help you lose fat rather quickly.  We must first start by boosting our metabolism.  You can boost your metabolism by eating foods that require extra energy to digest and metabolize; for example, protein.  Protein takes twice as much energy to digest than fat or high carbohydrate foods.  You will need a variety of proteins, fruits & vegetables, crabs, and healthy fats to lose fat and gain muscle.  Drinking the right amount of water also helps you to lose fat too.

How to Lose Face Fat

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30 Day Plank Challenge


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