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I recently started using the ibotta app and instantly started making money! If you have not heard about ibotta, it’s a NEW APP that gives you money back when you buy certain products (think of it as an additional coupon without the clipping). These are everyday items that you are probably already buying anyway. I’ve earned money with Pop Tarts, Capri Sun, toothpaste and mouthwash.

Once you download the FREE APP, eligible products will be loaded for you to choose from. Different items will earn different amounts which are clearly shown under each product. NOTE*** You don’t have to do any of this while you’re at the store. You can complete the offer once you are at home and have your receipt!

Here’s how to earn money:

  • Choose which product you are going to buy.
  • Complete “tasks” to earn different amounts. Tasks are things like learning a fact about that product, watching a video, answering a simple question or sharing your purchase on Facebook!
  • Redeem your offer and claim your money, by scanning the barcode on your product and taking a picture of your receipt. This is all built into the app and ibotta will walk you through it.
  • Once you redeem an offer, new products will automatically be loaded to your account.

You also have a choice on what to do with the money you earn! You can have the money deposited into your PayPal account or you can donate it to a local school or the United Way! Get ibotta for FREE and start earning today!


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