5 Top Sleep Problems to Avoid

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5 Top Sleep Problems to Avoid

There seem to be tons of sleep problems but I am here to tell you there are 5 top sleep problems to avoid if you just know how to avoid them.  I’ve learned a thing or two over my many years of sleep problems.  I’m glad I’ve learned them but even more happy to share them with you.


Did you know that nightmares can happen for both children and adults?  It’s true.  Having nightmares can sometimes be avoidable but sometimes not.  If you’ve experience a traumatic event in your life, nightmares may not be avoidable because it’s your bodies way of coping with the stress.  There are some ways to avoid having nightmares though.  If you are the type of person that is really affected by a scary movie for example, you may steer clear of that to avoid nightmares.  I’m not sure how this happens but if I eat a big meal before bedtime it will often trigger a nightmare.  Certain medications and even depression can cause nightmares too.  Getting exercise may help with depression but the medications problem would need to be discussed with your doctor.  It’s all about figuring out why you are having nightmares, and then avoiding situations that trigger them for you.

Shift Work Sleep Problems

There are many people that work shift work which can cause major sleep problems.  If you cannot control when you sleep because of shift work, then you can focus on a few other things to help get a good nights (or days) rest.  First, you want to get used to sleeping with some sort of constant noise.  Try sleeping with a box fan.  The box fan will put off a gentle low rhythm noise that can drowned out other noises that cause you to wake up.  Soon you will find this noise calming and you will sleep better because of it.  The next thing you can control is the light that shines in your bedroom when you are trying to sleep.  Try to block out as much light from the window as you can.  I find black out curtains are perfect for this type of situation.  Black out curtains are definitely a little bit more expensive than a regular curtain but they are worth every penny when you do shift work.


I feel as though Insomnia should be a bad word or something.  It’s one of the worst feelings in the world when you simply cannot sleep.  There are 7 tips to great sleep that can truly help with insomnia.  The only other thing not mentioned in those 7 steps would be incorporating cherries into your diet.  Cherries are a great alternative for boosting your melatonin levels and when consumed regularly they can help regulate your body’s natural sleep cycle and even increase your sleep efficiency.  I’ve never been one to take a supplement so cherries are an excellent option for me.


Snoring can be a very irritating problem to deal with when you are trying to sleep.  Sometimes a simple saline rinse before bed can really clear up our nasal passages and help prevent snoring.  Another good idea would be to invest in a humidifier.  Sometimes keeping the air moist will help too.  The only other tip I have would be to try sleeping on your side.  It works for some.  If snoring continues to be a problem, you may want to talk to your doctor because there could be a more serious condition you need to be treating for like Sleep Apnea among other problems.


Pain is such a broad term but the pain I am talking about is pain from sleeping.  I am very experienced in this subject.  I’ve had to visit the chiropractor on many occasions because I have been “out of alignment” which causes me pain.  The chiropractor always puts me back in place but it seems to be a never ending cycle, or so I thought.  It wasn’t until later in life that I really understood the importance of a good mattress and how it affected my pain level.  The pain I was experiencing was on my shoulders or hips area.  I’ve since learned how very important it is to invest in a good mattress to help with support and circulation.  I was getting pains in my hips and shoulders because of pour circulation from sleeping on my side and my back was out of alignment because I didn’t have the proper support.  You would think if you go to the mall and spend thousands of dollars on a “really” good mattress that you would be good but that wasn’t the case for me.  I’ve spent lots of money on mattresses only to be disappointed after a few months.  The bed that is the most deceiving is the memory foam mattresses.  I feel in love with that mattress for the first couple of months.  I had a really expensive, thick mattress that you could just sink right in to.  After just a few short months the memory foam starts to break down.  That explains why I didn’t have pain in the beginning.  I found the best mattress for support and circulation is my intelliBED mattress.  I’ve been using it for months now and still get excellent sleep.  I was sold on the idea when I learned this technology they have was used in medical facilities to help bed ridden patients with circulation and support.  Can you tell I’m really passionate about my sleep?!  It took me years and lots of wasted money to figure this out.  I don’t want others to waste their time or their money on false advertising.  Feel free to read my full honest intelliBED review article here.


Photo Credit: Nation Sleep Foundation
Photo Credit: National Sleep Foundation


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