5 Ways to Use Lavender in the Kitchen

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5 Ways to Use Lavender in the Kitchen

Lavender has so many uses in all its forms, from flower bud to stem and leaves and even the oil that is distilled from the full plant. In the kitchen, lavender has so many different uses and ways to be used, with home cooks coming up with even more ways to use the plant every day. As an herb, lavender can be used for both cooking and medicinal or beauty products. Trying an herb in new ways is always a great way to find out what you like and what else you want to try.

5 Ways to Use Lavender in the Kitchen

If you are growing lavender and interested in ways to use the herb in your kitchen, try any of these ideas to get the most out of your lavender plant.


Make Simple Syrup

Having simple syrup to create and liven up drinks is always a treat, and herbs are commonly used to create many of these syrups. Fresh lavender buds, combined with an easy to do simple syrup recipe of water and sugar creates a light floral combination that can be enjoyed in summertime drinks enjoyed on the outdoor patio. If you know someone that is particularly impressed with unique drink options, make up a bottle and store it in a unique bottle to give as a gift.


As a Garnish

Lavender buds are relatively strong, so you really do not need a lot to give a bold burst of flavor to breads, cookies and other desserts. Keep a fresh supply of lavender buds that can be added to the tops of cakes, cookies, ice cream and other sweets for a truly unique flavor.


Baked Into Breads

For many years, lavender buds have been baked into breads, muffins and cookies, but that stopped for a while when chemicals gained in popularity. Now that a lot of gardening has turned to using organic methods, it is a lot easier to find recipes and ideas for using lavender in baking. Simple bread and muffin recipes can benefit from the light flavor lavender offers, but the herb also pairs well with almond, orange and chocolate.


Create Marinades

Lavender is not often used to flavor meat and fish dishes, but it does offer a different flavor to lamb dishes, and poultry. Try creating some marinades that include lavender buds to give your meat an earthy, slightly floral flavor that won’t overwhelm the overall flavor of any dishes.


Create Gourmet Spreads and Butter

Being able to enjoy unique spreads and butters on bagels, bread and vegetables is always a great touch to any meal. Make your own butters and spreads for these dishes the next time you throw a dinner or brunch. Allow cream cheese or butter to soften and then whip lavender buds into them to create delicious combinations that will have guests guessing about for days.

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