Homemade Skylanders Portal Cake!

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Homemade Skylanders Portal Cake!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter who will be 8 years old!  She adores Skylanders!  In fact, she is super excited about the new Skylanders Swap Force that’s coming out too!  She loves Cynder the best!  So, I ended up making her a Skylanders Portal Cake with a Cynder character on top!

Here are a bunch of Skylanders Portal Cake ideas:

Normally I post easy homemade projects but only the cake on this one was easy.  The Cynder is a whole different story.  That baby was difficult!  If you are a beginner and want to make this cake I highly suggest you make the portal cake but just put a Skylander Game piece on top or a Skylanders figure on the top piece instead of trying to make your own.

The cake is a homemade cake with butter cream frosting and covered in fondants.  I used the white fondant and I purchased the black gel for color it.

The Cynder Skylander is made out of Gum paste.  It hardens are it dries.  Once it dried, I ended up using the gel paints watered down with vodka to paint the pieces that needed painting.  You never want to use water.  The alcohol in the vodka will evaporate.  I didn’t have a mold of any kind for Cynder.  It was created using molding tools and bowls to shape the wings as they dried.

Here are a few of the tools I used:


Here are a few photos to show you the process:

I added color to the gum paste to start making Cynder.

I molded out the Cynder body with my hands.

I shaped the wings and placed them in the curve of a bowl to help hold it’s shape as it hardened.

Just a regular round cake that was frosted with butter cream icing (Yummy!) and then covered with fondant in the shape and design of the Skylanders Portal device.

Here I used a sharp knife and added all the rock detail and then I painted it using the gel paints watered down with vodka as explained above.

Viola!  Looking good.

Back side view of the completed project.

Better view with more lighting.  The portal fondant was still a bit wet when I took this photo.  It will evaporate.

It’s not perfect but I just know she is going to love this original cake that was made just for her!


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