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This is Week 15 for me and Week 12 for my husband!

I’m still truckin’ along with my plan.  I ended up taking 2 weeks off and surprisingly I didn’t do as bad as I thought!  I just know my stomach had to have gotten smaller since being on this diet!  Besides, I have a real taste for veggies now too!  I love, love, love sugar snap peas raw with a little bit of mozzarella cheese!  Sometimes when you are on a diet you tend to miss the crunch factor from the chips, popcorn etc…  but Nutrisystem makes it easy with snacks that are crunchy too.

I am 21 pounds lighter!!!  I FINALLY passed my 20 pound mark!!  Next goal, 25 pounds!

I started up my couch to 5k running program again!  (don’t laugh…  as long as I keep starting back up I should be good, right?!  lol…)  Man, it really makes me not want to stop because it’s really hard to restart it!

Nutrisystem helps control my portions and eat healthy but when you add exercise to this program the results will almost double!!!

I have to share with you one of my favorite lunch meals!  You gotta try the Red Beans and Rice with sausage!  It’s a bit spicy but I love the kick and it’s very filling.  I add a little water to the package and microwave it for a minute and Voila!  Yummy Lunch is served!

Tip:  Here’s the Couch 2 5k App in iTunes for only $2.99!  Best money i’ve ever spent!  This app keeps you on track to aid in your weight loss but most of the weight loss can be attributed to Nutrisystem, I KNOW!

running application for your smartphone

My dear honey has lost 22.0 pounds to date!  I’m so proud of him!!!  He is so dedicated!  I honestly thought I would have to push him to do this with me but he is more dedicated than I am!  Seriously!  I can’t even believe it because he is a Steak and Potatoes type of guy (if you know what I mean!)

NOTE:  Did you know that 80% off your weight loss depends on what you eat?!  It’s true!

His favorite Nutrisystem dessert for this week is the Ice Cream Sandwiches!  I would have to agree!  It’s is tasty and taste just like the regular ones!!  Shhh!  Don’t tell him but I hid mine in the freezer so he can’t find it!  LOL!  Shhhh!

Stay tuned as we continue our journey with Nutrisystem!  I look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you!

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(I am receiving 4 months of food from Nutrisystem’s Diabetic Plan Program in order to facilitate my reviews.  No other compensation is being provided and all opinions are my own.)

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