Cleaning Microwave Ovens In Just Minutes

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Cleaning Microwave Ovens In Just Minutes

Cleaning Microwave Ovens In Just Minutes

In a busy household, it is easy to forget to put lids on items before heating them up in the microwave. It happens to the best of us and it only takes once to splatter all over the inside of it. When this happens, cleaning it can be a pain in the neck…particularly so if you let it harden. Nobody wants to cook food in a dirty oven and it is certainly not very healthy. Fortunately, there are some great tips for cleaning microwaves quickly and efficiently. Here are the basics you need to know:

Cleaning the Inside of a Dirty Microwave

For supplies, get some vinegar, a glass measuring cup, hot water, oven mitt and a damp cloth. Pour one cup of vinegar (white or the apple cider kind) into the measuring cup. Place the measuring cup in the center of the microwave.


  • Set the timer for 5 minutes. (Check the wattage and safety precautions for your microwave to be sure 5 minutes is safe. Some microwaves heat much quicker and explosions can happen if you overheat it.)


  • Turn on the microwave. (As the liquid heats up, it will disperse and clean the inside of the microwave.)


  • Slide on an oven mitt and remove the cup. (If the microwave is exceptionally dirty, heat the cup for another 5 minutes)


  • Allow the cup to cool completely in a safe place. Don’t place it in cold water as it can crack and break.


  • Use a cloth to wipe down the inside of the microwave.


  • Remove the inside glass insert carefully. Allow it to cool and clean it with soapy water. Rinse the soap away and rub it dry. Replace the insert.


Basically, this is a steam cleaning method. It works wonderfully without all the scrubbing and elbow grease that other methods might require.


Cleaning the Outside of the Microwave


Restore the shine of the microwave with just a few tools. It will look like a brand new appliance! Fill a spray bottle with clear rubbing alcohol. Spray the top and sides of the microwave with the spray. Wipe away any dust and smears with a microfiber cloth. Spritz the front and rub the glass until it sparkles.


If the outside of the appliance is grimy or extremely dirty, use a two-part water and ammonia spray first. This strong product will clean away anything that wants to stick to the outside. Spray and wipe—that’s it!


Here’s another trick you can try…. Unplug the microwave and wipe down the cord where dusty grime can collect quickly and often goes unnoticed. Wrap the cloth around the plug end and slide the cloth up the cord. Dampen the cloth with the ammonia formula a few times, as needed, to remove all the dirt. Wipe it dry and plug up the appliance.

It is a good idea to review the appliance’s user guide before beginning to clean. Some machines may have special features that need extra attention and some have a self-cleaning function. Read through the material completely before you begin to clean. Never run an empty microwave as this could damage the appliance. Create household reminders to clean the microwave by marking the calendar.

Cleaning the microwave oven can be pretty gross and messy, so maybe gloves like such can come in handy!

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