How to Remove Heat Marks from Furniture

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How to Remove Heat Marks on Furniture

How to Remove Heat Marks from Furniture

I have been trying and try to learn How to Remove Heat Marks from Furniture.  Mainly my kitchen table.  My kids have ruined my table.  I have tried every homemade remedy on the planet only to be left frustrated.  I really don’t want to sand and stain or paint my furniture again.  There’s got to be an easier way.  Well today I found that way!  And it really works!  I’m feeling so darn lucky that I should probably play the lottery!


I taken advice from many people. Here’s just a few things I’ve tried:

I’ve heard toothpaste works.  Nope.  Don’t try it.

I’ve heard shaving cream works.  Not even close.

I’ve heard baking powder works.  I think it was baking powder?  I tried baking powder and baking soda just in case I heard wrong.  No.  It didn’t work.  Neither of them.  It left me with a pasty mess.

Someone told me to iron it out.  They said to lay a pillow case down and iron it out.  Are you kidding me?   The heat got me in the predicament in the first place.  Ok, It’s an old table anyway.  What the heck.  I gave it a try…  Nope –  Fail!  Don’t do it.  You will only end up with a bigger heat mark!  I’m not sure if it’s a different type of wood that it works on but it didn’t work on my table.    NOTE:  This does work on water rings left on vintage furniture that doesn’t have a gloss coding over it though.  I tried it on an old stained antique vanity and it worked like a charm.

Finally, I tried Mayonnaise.  It didn’t work.  It left a nice shine but it didn’t work.

I was so frustrated.  They say these heat marks are basically water that is under the surface that needs to come out.  You would think the heat part would work if that’s the case.  As I began cleaning up the mess from all the products I just tried, I had an idea!  Since the iron was too much heat I thought the hair dryer would be the type of heat I would have more control over!  Guess what?!!!  It WORKED!  It freakin’ worked!  All I had to do was rub in a little bit of mayo and heat it dry.  I heat it just enough for it to dry a bit.  Almost glossy and bubbly looking.  No one, and I mean no one suggested this!  I can’t tell you how happy I am to figure it out.  Next thing you know I had about 20 different mayo spots on my table ready to make disappear!

TIP:  If you have a really, really deep spot you may need to treat it twice with a mayo heat treatment.  I had two spots out of the twenty that I needed to do twice.  Darn kids.


Before and After photos:

How to remove heat marks before and after photos

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  1. You are brilliant! I wish I had found this first instead of wasting my time with every other suggestion on the internet. Thank you!

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