How To Get Rid Of A Yellow Jacket Nest Safely

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How To Get Rid Of A Yellow Jacket Nest Safely

How To Get Rid Of A Yellow Jacket Nest Safely

The yellow jacket is a wasp that is found most anywhere that the temperature is warm enough and they are highly social in nature. They build nests and that are centered around a queen and contains thousands of workers. These wasps will ferociously defend the nest from any threat, real or perceived. This leads to a number of altercations with humans for those that build their nests nearby. Most nests are found in the ground or in bored out areas where holes are present. Rotted out trees, under boards, or anywhere there is proper cover for the nest is a potential spot. If you suddenly find that you have a yellow jacket nest and want to get rid of it, here are some tips to consider:

Consider the location

Yellow jacket nests that are located above ground are much tougher to eradicate. The wasps are not nearly as centralized. If you have an above ground yellow jacket nest, you should really contact a pro. They can come out and get rid of the yellow jacket nest safely. If you have a yellow jacket nest in the ground (like most), then there are some safe methods for getting it out of your hair.

The underground nest

First of all you want to remember that yellow jacket nests generally have more than one escape route in the ground. Many people see them going in and out of a hole and presume it to be the only one. Chances are they have another one tunneled somewhere to get out. From a safe distance you should observe the nest. Watch for other escape routes note them for later.

Next, you want to wait until the sun goes down. The best time is dawn or dusk, but you can do it at night. If you use a flashlight, however, be sure to use a red light. (they will see and respond to other types of light) They will still be somewhat alert and active but much more sluggish than during the day. This is the safest time to do the deed.

Dress the part as well by covering as much skin as possible. Pay particular attention to areas where the yellow jackets can get into your clothing. Some folks use duct tape to seal off the sleeves and neckline. Bottom line….protect yourself as much as you can just in case. Again, if you have allergies, or might have them, do not try this method.

Secure a large, heavy bowl for each entrance/exit you identified while observing the nest. Pyrex bowls work the best. When the sun goes down, slowly approach the hole and cover it with the bowl. You should have someone help cover the other holes simultaneously or you may have a surprise coming at you. Generally the jackets will be fairly sluggish. If you do this quickly you will be okay. Move away quickly once the bowl is in place. Make sure the bowl is flush to the ground or they will escape. Occasionally you might need t seal the bowl with sand around the edges or dirt.

Leave the bowl in place for about two weeks and the little guys will generally be dead and gone. Nobody seems to know why the nest dies off so quickly, but logic says it would be a lack of food and water. Whatever the case, it solves the yellow jacket nest problem for that location.

If you’re looking for some more survival tips, check out this ultimate survival guide! Keep yourself save too, and get ready an emergency plan for your family!

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