7 Plants that Repel Mosquitos

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plants that repel mosquitos

7 Plants that Repel Mosquitos

All it takes is one summer evening of mosquitos biting to know exactly how big of a nuisance they can be. The bites itch to the point of insanity and once they get a taste of your blood, they will not go away without you forcing them to. The most common way to get rid of mosquitos is to put chemicals all over any skin that is showing. If that sounds as disgusting and dangerous to you as it does to us, then this article is for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural solutions that will do the trick nicely. In fact, here are seven plants that can repel mosquitos and look nice while doing so.


This powerful plant is one of the primary ingredients in the products that you buy in the store to repel mosquitos. It stands to reason that the real thing, minus the chemicals, would do the job even better. The beauty of citronella is that it grows heartily, can be potted or planted and it smells wonderful in it’s natural state. It does all of this while keeping the mosquitos far away from your skin. When I am sitting on my porch I simple rub my hand on one of the leaves and then rub it on my skin.  TIP:  These plants need good drainage to stay healthy.


This stuff smells so wonderful you will be shocked that it is doing such a dirty job. Many folks keep lemongrass around anyway and the mosquito effect is simply a bonus. This is a strong plant that does very well when you keep the dead parts trimmed away. It can be planted or put in a pot, but it grows quite heartily.


This minty smelling plant can help you in a number of ways where mosquitoes are concerned. If you plant it around, they will avoid the fresh, minty smell. If they do happen to bite you, the leaves of this plant does a wonderful job of relieving the itch. If you want a nice, clean summer drink, you can make some peppermint tea from the leaves as well. What more could you hope for from a plant?


These are very popular if only because the flowers are gorgeous. Marigolds also, however, emit a smell that mosquitoes avoid at all costs. Plant them liberally around your property or put a few pots around your patio for bug protection and beauty.


Is there anything that lavender can’t do? It sure seems as though there is not. Lavender not only smells great, looks gorgeous and grows easily, it also keeps bugs at bay.


There are tons of wonderful variations of basil but cinnamon basil is the one you want to focus on for mosquito protection. As an added bonus, you get one of the best cooking herbs on the planet.


Yes, catnip is an exciting addition to your patio for all the furry friends in your neighborhood. That said, it is also extremely effective in keeping your buzzing pests at bay. No mosquitoes will come biting as long as you have plenty of catnip around and the cats will love you for it too.


I also use my Young Living essential oils for repelling mosquitos.  Citronella oil works perfectly!  I carry this with me when I am out and about away from my beautiful Citronella plants.  If I happen to get bit by a bug, I use Purification blend to help.  It works almost immediately.  I’m amazed at the power of essential oils.  I have quite a collection.  If you want to learn how to get started with Young Living Essential Oils, check out this article.  You will thank me later!!

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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