Avoiding the Bite of the Black Widow Spider

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Avoiding the Bite of the Black Widow Spider

Avoiding the Bite of the Black Widow Spider

When it comes to the Black widow spider, not many people are very educated. Most hear the name and instantly think of all the horrible movies, spider bite stories and scary rumors that circulate regularly. The truth is, black widows and spider in general are extremely beneficial. Without them, we would be absolutely overrun with insects and other pests that are far more dangerous. That said, the black widow spider can be dangerous and should always be respected. While they are beneficial creatures, they are not beneficial in and around areas where people are. Black widow spider bites are serious and should be treated as such.

With some common sense and knowledge, you can avoid being bitten by this arachnid. Here are several tips for avoiding the bite of the black widow spider:

Understand the spider’s motivations

The first step to avoiding a bite is to think like the spider. Black widows eat, make baby spiders and find shelter. A simple step to avoiding the bite of the black widow spider is to not be where they are located. Black widow spiders are going to follow the three step rule up above. They are going to be looking for food, looking for shelter or guarding their egg sacs.

Looking for food

Black widows are clearly going to be more prevalent when there is a good food source around. Because they eat insects, bugs are a magnet for spiders. Keeping your home clean and your clutter to a minimum will keep the bugs away. This in turn will help to keep black widows away. If there is no food, they will go somewhere else.

Looking for shelter

Again, clutter is the key. If you have a dirty home or a cluttered home, you are setting yourself up for a black widow infestation. This is especially true when it comes to basements, dark areas and corners of your home that are cool and remote. The more hiding spots that are available, the better. They also like to be near a water source when possible. Closets, attics and under sinks are other possible areas to bring them in.

Making babies

This is the number one way a person gets bitten by a black widow spider. The female is aggressive when she feels as though her eggs are being threatened. She first spins a highly irregular web and mates. Occasionally she makes a dinner of her mate and sometimes she doesn’t. Then the eggs are guarded from all danger. Most bites happen when someone reaches into a blind area and the spider’s web is disturbed. Wearing gloves when working in areas that have not been disturbed can make a big difference.

Avoiding the bite of the black widow spider is not overly difficult. It really boils down to staying away from them most of the time. Obviously, you should never attempt to kill or otherwise mess with a black widow spider unless you are properly protected. Black widows can be deceptively fast and while they are generally quite docile, they become highly agitated when you are near their eggs or nest. If you come across one, contact a pest control specialist if you are unsure about disposing of it yourself.

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