How to Survive a Mountain Lion Attack

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How to Survive a Mountain Lion Attack

How to Survive a Mountain Lion Attack

The odds of you crossing paths with a mountain lion in the wild are extremely remote, but knowing what to do is wise. Mountain lion attacks, while uncommon, can be fatal. Mountain lions can grow up to 200 pounds and they are carnivores… That is, they eat meat. If the situation was just right (or wrong depending on your point of view), a mountain lion would have no reservations about making you into a meal. Here are some tips to ensure that you would survive a mountain lion attack or even better… how to avoid one in the first place.

General Mountain Lion Information:

Mountain lions are very reclusive animals and they generally want to avoid contact with humans. They are largely found in swamps, rocky formations and rugged areas where people seldom go. They are most active when the sun is about to go down and when the sun is rising. They will hunt and eat just about anything they can catch and immobilize that has meat. They will stalk their prey and then attack from behind most often. They kill with a bite to the neck. Mountain lions are also called cougars, pumas and many other nicknames. The mountain lion is found over the entire western United States and into much of the middle states as well. They are a bit more rare, but once roamed the rest of the country as well.

How to avoid a mountain lion attack

— Try to always hike in a group or at least in pairs. Mountain lions are ambush predators and will be far less likely to attack if you are not alone.

— Always be aware of your surroundings.

— Keep small animals at home. Dogs are a magnet for these predators.

— Always keep children close and have them walk in the middle of the group. A big cat is much more likely to go after a small human than a large one.

— Stick to the beaten paths. Mountain lions are generally going to be found away from where people travel. If you stick to known trails you are very unlikely to cross paths with a mountain lion.

— If you come across a mountain lion, slowly back away. Keep eye contact with the lion at all times. Do not show them your back.

— If you come to a set of cubs, get out of the area right away and leave them alone. They will protect their young at all costs.

How to survive a mountain lion attack

— When you see the mountain lion, make yourself large by holding up your jacket and expanding your personal space. Make yourself seem as large as possible.

— Never run from a mountain lion. They will naturally go after you if you do and they will catch you.

— If the mountain lion does attack, fight with all your strength and whatever you have on hand. Do not play dead. Fight with all you have in you.

— Try your best to protect your neck and stay upright. The cat will try to get you on the ground and go directly after your neck so that has to your priority. Put your arms up to shield your neck.

— Punch the mountain lion in the nose and gouge at their eyes. Sometimes it takes a last resort like this to get them to release.

If you’re looking for some more survival tips, check out this ultimate survival guide! Keep yourself save too, and get ready an emergency plan for your family!

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