Jolly Rancher Vodka Fun – You Have Never Tasted Vodka Like This Before

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jolly rancher vodka

When you get ready to throw a party or have a little fun, having the right drinks can be a big part of it. Finding something unique and exciting can turn a gathering into a party for sure! With the warm summer days ahead, there are sure to be times where you need something special to put on the counter.

I came across this and could not believe how simple it truly is. It is colorful, flavorful and insanely quick to prepare. You really only need to have three ingredients.

You need:

Jolly Rancher Candies (multi-flavored)

–Small Individual Sized Bottles for Each Flavor – left over liquor bottles would work perfectly


When you prepare this wonderful drink special, please remember that it is rather powerful. It doesn’t take much! Each of the flavors take on a totally different air about them. They really feel like completely different drinks with the unique flavoring. That makes it even more exciting because you can create five completely unique flavors without changing the process or mixology.

The best part is, many folks use Jolly Rancher Vodka as a springboard for other drinks. For example when he mixed the green apple flavor with sweet and sour, he created a martini to die for with a bit of original flair. How many thousands of drinks could one come up with these flavors as a taking off point?

Get creative and share with us what you create!


The video below takes you through this awesome drink mix step by step and you will be set and ready for an evening of fun with your friends. It is quite amazing how simple the process is and the flavors that burst from this drink are incredible. If you like to have something unique at your gatherings or parties, you simply must check this video out.  Man I love the Tipsy Bartender!




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