How To Make Cilantro Last Longer

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How To Make Cilantro Last Longer

How To Make Cilantro Last Longer

If you have a need for cilantro, you can either buy a bunch or grow your own. Either way, you may cut or buy more than you can use up before it loses its freshness. You can keep cilantro and make it last longer if you know a few simple tricks for storing it properly.

Trim Up the Ends

Trimming the ends off of the cilantro stems will help the cut plant last longer. Use some kitchen shears to trim the ends. Remove any dead or damaged leaves from your bundle.

Soak in Water Then Dry

Gather up your bundle of cilantro and give it a good dunk in a bowl of water. This will clean the leaves and stems, removing dirt and debris. To dry the cilantro, lay out all the stems on a couple of paper towels or a dish cloth then blot them dry with another paper towel or dish cloth. The stems and leaves don’t have to be totally dry, but you shouldn’t be able to see water or droplets sitting on the leaves or stems.

Wrap Cilantro in a Damp Paper Towel

Dampen a paper towel. It should be moist but not dripping wet. You will need to place the dry cilantro stems and leaves on the damp paper towel, then wrap them up so all the leaves are covered.

Seal Cilantro in a Plastic Bag or Container

Place the cilantro wrapped in the paper towel into a zippered bag or an airtight plastic container. If you use the zippered bag, be sure to press all of the air out of the bag before you seal it. This will help the cilantro last longer. If you use a plastic container, make sure the lid is tight and won’t allow any air to get inside. Keeping the fresh cilantro sealed up will ensure that you can use it longer and it will stay fresher.

Place Bag or Container in the Refrigerator

Stick the bag or the plastic container in the fridge. The cilantro should stay fresh for about five days using this method.

Keep Fresh for Longer than Five Days

If you need to keep your cilantro fresh and in good shape for more than about five days, you will need to adjust the above method a little bit.

After washing off the leaves and stems, allow the cilantro to dry thoroughly. Spread them out in a single layer on a dry paper towel, blot them dry with another towel then allow them to sit in a sunny spot and dry further.

Place a dry paper towel at the bottom of an airtight container then place a layer of cilantro on the towel. Continue layering cilantro and paper towels until the container is full. The top layer should be a paper towel. Close the container tightly, then place it in the fridge. This method should keep your cilantro fresh for about 2-3 weeks.

Keep your cilantro fresh and enjoy it as you cook using one of these methods.

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How To Make Cilantro Last Longer

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