Top 10 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean

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Top 10 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean

Top 10 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean

Who doesn’t love the idea of finding tricks and tips that make house cleaning a breeze? Nobody really wants to spend all their time doing hard labor to keep their home in order, but it must be done. Check out these 10 that will help you whip your house into shape!

Carpet Spills

Spill something on the carpet? Use a rag to blot the liquid that’s been spilled on your carpet then grab the salt shaker. Sprinkle salt on the stain and let it sit. After a few hours, the salt will have drawn the liquid up out of the carpet and can be vacuumed away!

What to Do With Broken Glass

If you break something glass, try this little trick to clean up all of those nasty slivers. Grab a slice of bread then press it all over the area where the glass is broken to capture all of those shards. Throw the whole thing away when you’re done.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

You put off cleaning your ceiling fan because those dust-caked blades are just a pain to clean properly. Find an old pillow case and slide it over each one of the blades in turn. It knocks the dust off and keeps it contained in the pillow case — not all over the floor.

Don’t Fret Over Fur

Don’t worry about all of that pet fur on your carpet. Invest in a squeegee and run it over the carpet to pick up everything that your fur baby left behind.

Overnight Oven Cleaning

Use 1/2 cup of ammonia in a bowl to clean your oven. Stick the bowl into your oven when it’s cold then let it sit overnight. In the morning, wipe out the oven!

Grease Stains On Your Clothes

Don’t you hate those grease stains that won’t come off of your clothing? Cover the stain with white chalk, wait a few minutes then wipe off the chalk with a damp cloth.

Get Your Wet Shoes Dry

If you need to dry wet shoes, the easiest way is to grab some old newspapers, crumple them up and stick them in the shoes. They will dry quickly and retain their shape.

Get Rid of the Bathtub Ring

How about getting rid of that ring around the bathtub? Cut a grapefruit in half, rub a little salt on it then scrub away!

Water Rings on Furniture

Do you hate those water rings that are left behind on wooden furniture after someone forgets to use a coaster? Don’t despair — blot them with a rag then get your hair dryer out. It will dry the ring and make it disappear!

Clean Your Sponges

If you use sponges for cleaning around the house or washing dishes, you know they can get pretty darn icky. Put the sponges in your microwave then turn it on for about two minutes on high. This kills germs on the sponge and pops them back into shape.

Try one or more of these tricks to make your housework just a little bit easier!

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Top 10 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean

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