Top 10 Uses for Plastic Wrap

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Top 10 Uses for Plastic Wrap

Top 10 Uses for Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap is not just used to cover left over foods.  It has many unconventional uses and some you may not have ever thought of.  I was outside trimming my trees.  When I was done I was looking all over for string or tape to wrap the branches so the trash collector would take them.  Not wanting to run to the store I looked in my kitchen and Voila! the answer was right in front of me!  Plastic Wrap!  I tried it and guess what?!  I will never use rope, string or tape ever again!  I’m glad I was out of string.

I decided to write a post about the Top 10 Uses for Plastic Wrap but I’m gonna break this up into two different categories.   I will break them down my conventional uses and unusual uses.

Top 10 Uses for Plastic Wrap (Conventional Uses)

  1. Wrap left over foods.  Duh.  This is what plastic wrap is known for.  Keep your foods nice and fresh with plastic wrapSaran Wrap is the best!
  2. Use plastic wrap to freeze foods.  Buying in bulk and storing in the freezer using plastic wrap will allow you to save money.
  3. Use plastic wrap for your camping trip.  This may be helpful if you need to wrap kitchen utensils together or maybe even keep some clothes from getting wet.
  4. Use plastic wrap to store a paint roller overnight.  Wrap that wet paint roller in plastic wrap trapping it from the air to continue your project the next day.
  5. Improve your grip on just about anything with plastic wrap.
  6. Create a mini green house with plastic wrap.  Perfect when started off seedlings!
  7. Use plastic wrap to preserve your clay when using it for crafts.  It could also be helpful for storing small beads too.
  8. Use plastic wrap to capture dust on the top of your refrigerator.  Make sure you wipe down the top with a wet towel.  Immediately after you wipe it place plastic wrap down over the clean surface.  This will create a cling that will make it stay in place!  This is a place we almost always forget to dust just because we can’t reach it and it’s out of sight.
  9. Gift wrap baskets using plastic wrap.  They also make different colored plastic wrap too!
  10. Plastic wrap can be extremely helpful when moving.  Use it to cover boxes you don’t want to get wet or use it in place of tape to keep the moving blanket on your precious goods.  Also good for wrapping dishes with towels or bubble wrap between them to keep them from breaking.


Top 10 Uses for Plastic Wrap (Unusual Uses)

  1. Use it in the yard!  Wrap those bulking and sometimes heavy tree branches!  Works better than string!
  2. I’ve heard of using plastic wrap to dry your hair with no frizzies!  After you’ve finished blow drying your hair, add leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair, wrap your head with plastic wrap and sit under the hair dryer for about 5 minutes to create a nice shine and no frizzies!
  3. Pattern making!  Create your own patterns using plastic wrap!  This is much cheaper than the duct tape method.
  4. Seal drafty windows!  When you have a drafty window you can use a piece of plastic wrap until you get the time to add weather strips to your windows.
  5. Protect your feet from frost bite!  Keeping your feet dry in the snow can be a big help to your feet!
  6. Keep that cast dry!  Use plastic wrap to keep that cast dry when you are in the shower.
  7. Wrap your body with plastic wrap to lose weight.  I’m not sure if I believe this one or not but I’ve heard of people wrapping an area of their body such as their stomach to try and lose weight.  Serves the same purpose as a workout waist belt or jogging suits.  (disclaimer:  I am not recommending this.  Be sure to check with your doctor before trying this one)
  8. Painting project for kids.  Use a cardboard box, add dabs of paint on it.  Cover it tightly with plastic wrap and let the young kids rub their fingers across the covered dabs of paint to create a “no mess” kid friendly masterpiece!
  9. Cover your cell phone with plastic wrap if you know you will be out in the rain.  Yes, I’ve done this before.  It’s much better than a plastic baggie.  It’s a much tighter fit.
  10. Playing Pranks!  Yes!  Use plastic wrap to cover that toilet seat to play a messy prank!  Eeeewww!



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