How to Whiten Yellowed Pillows

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How to Whiten Yellowed Pillows

How to Whiten Yellowed Pillows

After several nights of sleep and naps at various times, your pillows can start to take on a brand new look. Sweat can quickly become yellow stains on those once-crisp clean pillows and what used to be white, is now dingy and yellow looking. What can you do to brighten and whiten them? Check out these tips so you can return your pillows to a fresher appearance.

With the Washing Machine

If your pillows are machine-washable, then you’re in luck. You can clean those babies fairly easily with just a little effort and your top load washing machine.

The easiest way to wash those pillows in the machine is to strip them then fill your machine about 1/3 full of hot water then turn it off. Add a cup of your favorite laundry detergent, a half cup of borax and a cup of bleach (either chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach — the oxygen bleach will be easier on your pillows, though).

Next turn the washer back on and let it agitate a few minutes, turn it off again. Put two pillows into the machine then turn it back on, setting it to fill the rest of the way up with hot water.

Allow the machine to run for a few minutes after that, stop it, then rotate the pillows so all sides get the same treatment. Allow the machine to run for awhile longer then set it to the rinse cycle.

After the pillows have been run through the washing machine, place them in the dryer. Throw in a few dryer balls, rolled up socks, aluminum foil balls, or tennis balls to help fluff and dry them thoroughly. Depending upon the type of pillows you have, you may need to set your dryer to low heat or the fluff/air setting.

By Hand

Some pillows will not be able to be thrown into the washing machine, so you’ll have to wash them by hand.

Remove the pillowcase and any liner that is on the pillow. Place the pillow on a table or a flat surface for hand washing. You will need to fill a bowl with cold water and some mild soap. Soak a cloth in the soap solution and wring out the excess liquid then set to work.

You will use the cloth to blot any stains on the pillow. Dab stains gently, starting from the outer part of the stain and working your way in. After you’ve finished this, you can use a spray bottle to spritz some white vinegar onto the surface of the pillow. Let this sit for about five minutes then use a dry towel to blow it dry.

Set the pillow outside if the weather is warm and sunny and allow it to dry in the sun. Otherwise, you can throw the pillow into the dryer and dry it on fluff/air (no heat) for about 20 minutes.

Try one of these methods and enjoy the look, feel, and scent of your fresh like-new pillows!

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How to Whiten Yellowed Pillows

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