Moving Tips for College Students

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Moving Tips for College Students

Moving Tips for College Students

Are you moving to a new place to start your college career? There are a few things to
keep in mind as you make your big move. Check out these moving tips for college

Ask for Help

When you plan to move, don’t think you can do it all on your own. You will definitely
need help. Call in assistance from your parents, siblings, or other family and friends.
Your loved ones will be glad to give you a hand to help get you started on your new

Visit Ahead of Time

Before you make your move, take some time to visit your new location. Knowing how
much room you will have at the dorm or apartment you will be living at will help you
make informed decisions about what to take and what not to take with you. Take some
time to drive around the new town. Visit the mall. Talk to some local residents so you
can get a feel for your new home away from home.

Research Your New Hometown

Spend some time doing Internet research about the town you will be moving to. Find out
about the ins and outs of living there. Try to learn about the culture and customs. Check
out the city or town website to see about events taking place in the town. Look up religious centers to see what’s available if you plan to attend one. Do a search on job
hunting sites to get an idea of what jobs are available in that town. Check out the local
newspaper websites and read a little bit of background on the area you will be living in.

Get a Town Map

If you make a visit ahead of time, grab a town map from the local Chamber of
Commerce. You can also pick this up after you make the move, but studying the map
ahead of time may help you find your way around easier once you have moved.

Pack Light

When moving to a new town for college, remember to pack light. If you are going to be
living in a dorm, this will be essential. Take only what you need. Keep in mind that you
will likely accumulate plenty of stuff over the coming months and if you will be moving
back home in between semesters, you will just have to pack up and move that much
more stuff. Make a list of necessities that you won’t be able to buy in the new town, or
that you prefer to take with you. Be brutal and stick to the list.
Moving to a new town for college can be scary, but it can also be an exciting prospect.
Asking for some help and spending time getting to know your new town will definitely
make the move easier for you

If you plan on moving out of state, then here are some tips to make your trip go smoothly! Since you’re moving, you’re going to need boxes! Here are some super cheap cardboard boxes that you might need!

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