How to Make Moving in Together Successful

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How to Make Moving in Together Successful

How to Make Moving in Together Successful

Moving in with someone isn’t an easy thing to do. You have your own routines and
preferences and so does your roommate. Check out these tips to help you make your
move successful.
Make a Commitment
If you are committed to making the living arrangements work, then you will try harder to
make it work. Before you decide to move in with someone, talk together and agree to be
committed to this arrangement. If you decide ahead of time that moving out will only be
a last resort, you might find that you have the mindset to make it work against all odds.
Be Willing to Compromise
Whether you are in a romantic relationship with your new roommate or it is a platonic
friendship that shares living space, a willingness to compromise is a must. You can’t
expect the living arrangements to work out if you aren’t willing to do a little give and
take. Remember that you aren’t the only person in this relationship and it isn’t all about
getting everything you want.
Give it Time
No move is easy, and moving in with someone new can take some getting used to. Give
yourself — and the relationship — some time.

Set Some Ground Rules
When you have a roommate, you both need to be on the same page with what is
expected. Sit down and discuss some ground rules about separation of chores, who is
responsible for which bills, making schedules mesh, who uses which parts of the house
or apartment, and more. If you need to, write out a list of rules that both of you agree
upon then make the time to revisit the rules and discuss how things are working at later
Give Each Other Space
When you live with someone, one of the things you might need the most is personal
space. Keep in mind that your roommate is the same. Plan some time out on your own.
Go grocery shopping. Go for walks. Visit the library. If you share a bedroom, try to find a
place in your new house or apartment where you can have some alone time.
Get to Know Your Roommate
If you don’t know your roommate very well, take the time to get to know him or her.
Figuring out what your roommate’s pet peeves are and their likes and dislikes can help
keep your relationship peaceful. If both of you make the effort to minimize annoyances
to each other, your relationship can flourish.
While moving in with someone can be stressful, if you take your time and are flexible,
you might find it to be easier than you realize. Work with your roommate to figure out
how to make the living arrangements a success.

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