How to Organize a Homework Area

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How to Organize a Homework Area

How to Organize a Homework Area

Homework is one of those things that families with children just can’t get away from. In order to make the homework a little easier, organize a homework station in your home. This can offer an area for the kids to get their work done and have everything they need at hand. Check out these tips on how to do it.

Pick a Spot

Pick out a spot in your home that will be the homework area. It can be a corner in the lving room, a spot at the kitchen bar, or an area in a little-used room. The homework area needs to be a place that can provide peace and quiet for the kids while they work, but is also easily accessible to Mom and Dad if the kids need help.

Make It Comfy

It’s important to know how your child works best. Some kids work best if they are seated at a desk while others do better if they can spread out and lounge while doing their studies. If you have more than one child, you may choose to create a homework area that offers both of these options. You may want to use a bean bag chair or some other type of seat for more comfortable studying.

Make sure there is good lighting available in the homework area and if possible, provide a book shelf for books and supplies.

Add Necessary Supplies

A good homework area needs a few things to encourage learning. Stock your homework area with plenty of pens, pencils, and erasers. To keep the area organized, use school pencil boxes to hold the writing instruments. One of these boxes should fit neatly on a bookshelf.

Other supplies that will be quite useful in the homework area include scissors, school glue or glue sticks, crayons and markers, rulers, extra paper (notebook paper and unlined art paper).

Stock the bookshelf with a few helpful books and references such as a dictionary, thesaurus, perhaps even an older set of encyclopedias.

Use a Bulletin Board and White Board

If you have the wall space in your homework area, you may want to set up a small white board and a small bulletin board. If the white board can be removed for use, that makes it even better. The white board will be handy when you are helping your child with homework and trying to explain things as you can write on it and pass it around then hang it back up when you’re finished.

The bulletin board can be handy to tack up notes from school, calendars, and other homework reminders.

Setting up a homework area in your home can give your child a specific space to focus on their studies. Be sure it is away from distractions like television and the normal traffic through your home. A homework area is a great way to encourage learning and help your child succeed in school.

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