What Makes the Best Moving Gifts

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What Makes the Best Moving Gifts

What Makes the Best Moving Gifts

If you have a friend or family member who is getting ready to move, you might consider
giving them a small gift. A gift can be a small memento to celebrate this new stage in
their life or it can be a token to remind them of the loved ones they are leaving behind. A
gift can also be a practical item that will be much appreciated during their move. Check
out these suggestions for some of the best moving gifts.

Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

Gift cards to local stores where your loved one is moving to are always a great gift. Be
sure to research the town your friend is moving to in order to make sure what is
available. Even a gift card for Amazon.com or a favorite online store will be appreciated.
Your friend can use the gift card to purchase things they need once they get moved.
You might also consider a gift certificate to a restaurant in your friend’s new town. How
about a gift certificate for some carryout Chinese food or pizza for one of those first few
nights when cooking won’t be so easy?
Consider a gift card for the movie theater in the new location. A movie night out may be
just what your friends needs in order to unwind after the move is completed.

House Numbers or Decorative Signs

A new house can always use a fresh, new set of house numbers. Check local craft or
specialty stores for a set of numbers or a number sign as a moving gift.
If house numbers just aren’t the right choice, a decorative sign that features your
friend’s last name may be just the ticket for their new home.

Flashlights and Candles

A move into a new place could result in a night or two of eating by candle light and
reading by flashlights if the electricity isn’t on yet. Pick up a few odd flashlights and
batteries as a moving gift. Choose a few scented candles as well to both scent the new
place and provide a little light. Don’t forget matches!

Photo Albums

If you’re looking for a great token of remembrance, a personalized photo album is a
perfect choice. Gather some of your favorite photos of your loved one or loved ones
with you and your family and put them together in a small album. Be sure to label all the
photos with dates and occasions if you know them and maybe write a special memory
you have of the occasion.
A moving gift is not a necessity, but your friend or family member will appreciate the
thoughtfulness behind the gesture. Choose a sentimental or a practical gift, or perhaps
a combination of both as you send your friend off and wish them well.

If you plan on moving out of state, then here are some tips to make your trip go smoothly! Since you’re moving, you’re going to need boxes! Here are some super cheap cardboard boxes that you might need!

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