Heavy Moving and Lifting Tips for Movers

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Heavy Moving and Lifting Tips for Movers

Heavy Moving and Lifting Tips for Movers

Moving large items around can be tricky, and dangerous. Living heavy items can cause
injury and muscle strain, and can also increase the risk of damage for the item. Check
out these lifting tips for moving around those heavy objects.

Use Your Legs

Everyone does it: You go to lift something heavy and you simply bend over to grab it.
Don’t do that! That’s a great way to hurt yourself immediately, or end up with serious
back and muscle pain over the coming days. That back and muscle pain could put you
out of commission, so avoid it at all costs.
The proper way to lift something heavy is to squat down, keep your back straight, then
use the strength of your legs to do the lifting.

Take it Slow and Easy

Accidents and injuries can occur when someone gets in a hurry. Take it slow and easy
and don’t rush when you are lifting and moving heavy items. Keep your breathing calm
and even and go at a steady, unhurried pace.

Don’t Do it Alone

Sure, you may want to jump right in and move all of those big items right now. Call in
some backup and be patient. Wait for help to arrive and don’t try to move or lift large
pieces of furniture or other items by yourself.
When lifting or moving heavy items with someone else, make sure you are
communicating effectively. Talk over how you will move the object together, who will walk which direction, who will lift which side, and the like. Stay on the same page at all
times so no one gets hurt.

Take a Breather

When you are lifting or moving those heavy items, whether alone or with a partner, take
a moment to regain your breath and your strength. Stop every few minutes — especially
if the item is very heavy and if you are moving it a long distance.

Use Specialized Equipment

Invest in a few pieces of specialized moving equipment to make lifting and moving
heavy items much easier.
Lifting straps are designed to help you and a partner use the strength of your arms to
grasp and hold large pieces of furniture.
Furniture slides can make moving large items across a room easier, and they can save
wear and tear and potential damage to your floors.
Both lifting straps and furniture slides are relatively low cost. Investing in the purchase
of these items is worthwhile as you can always use them later on.
Use these tips to help you have an injury-free moving experience. When you are
moving, you want to get where you are going safe and sound. Don’t get sidelined
because of an injury when you are moving large items. Lift with your legs, take it slow,
and ask for help — from a friend and from specialized equipment.

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