Old Time Summer Games and Activities for Kids

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Old Time Summer Games and Activities for KidsOld Time Summer Games and Activities for Kids

Remember the good old days when you played outside all day during the summer months?  It seems like it’s always a struggle to get my kids to go outside because of all the electronics they have.  Although, when they go outside, they have loads of fun!  It’s just getting them out the door that’s a chore for me.

With summer around the corner, I’m trying to get my activity lists in order so I can be sure to keep my kids active outside.  I refuse to allow them to sit in their rooms all summer long.

I started thinking about my childhood and all the games I liked as a child.  I can remember waking up, having breakfast and heading out the door to jump on my bike.  I can vividly remember my bike being blue in color with a banana seat and huge handlebars!  That bike my life.  I remember coming home for lunch when I got hungry and heading right back out the door for more fun.  I also remember that as soon as those street lights came on it was time to head home.  Some of my most fondest of memories is making mud pies or playing marbles with my friends.  When it would get dark our parents would let us go catch fireflies, or lightning bugs as we used to call them, just before bedtime.  Ah, the good old days!

Here’s a list of games and summer fun that I plan to re-introduce to my own children this summer.

Old Time Summer Games and Activities List:

  1. Make Mud Pies
  2. Hopscotch
  3. Marbles
  4. Jacks
  5. Chalk Art
  6. Painting in the backyard
  7. Card Game: Go Fish
  8. Hula Hoop games (who can last the longest)
  9. Sprinkler Play
  10. Make Paper Airplanes
  11. Catch Fireflies
  12. Horse Basketball
  13. Red Light, Green Light
  14. Checkers
  15. Hide and Seek
  16. Red Rover
  17. Kickball
  18. Four Square Ball
  19. Water Balloon Wars
  20. Ride a Bike
  21. Croquet
  22. Simon Says
  23. Go Skating
  24. Miss Sue from Alabama Clapping Game
  25. Capture the Flag
  26. Oly, Oly, Oxen Free
  27. Duck, Duck, Goose
  28. Human Wheelbarrow Races with your friends
  29. Blow Bubbles
  30. Tic Tack Toe

Those are just about all I can remember.  How about you?  Are there any you could add to the list?  Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what’s your favorite childhood game.  I love hearing these stories!

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