Keurig Coffee Maker Review

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Disclosure:  I received a product in order to conduct my review.  My love to coffee and Keurig is all my own!

Keurig Coffee Brewer Review

I’ve got to tell you all about my new Keurig Coffee maker!  I ended up choosing the Keurig K65 Special Edition Brewing System because it has all the options I want and need in a brewer.  The Kcups are easy to find and the price is reasonable for this amazing piece of machinery.  I am a coffee addict (as my daughter says).  I love all kinds of coffee and I drink at least two cups a day and sometimes more.  Usually, I tend to be a bit frugal but not when it comes to my coffee or my coffee brewer.

First, I will start by telling you that this machine is super easy to use.  You turn it on with a tiny switch in the back and fill it with water.  It only takes a minute or so to warm up too.  It’s got a sleek design and it has multiple settings.  Though, I can tell you my coffee settings are always set to the largest cup.  Always.  It’s fast.  When you wake up and want your coffee asap, this machine is your friend.

This machine will brew more than just coffee too.  You can make hot cocoa, tea or even iced coffee or iced tea too.  You can purchase a refillable cup if you don’t care to purchase the kcups.  Kcups are extremely popular and I can almost bet you will find your favorite brand in a kcup.

I’ve owned my first Keurig coffee maker for 3 years before anything went wrong with it.  I always use distilled water to help maintain it too.  I prefer this model over the mini.  You have to fill the mini brewer each time you use it and this one has a reservoir so you don’t have too.  I did use a mini Keurig on my recent RV Travel adventure and I really liked having the mini Keurig in my RV.

I have more pros to this machine than cons.  The only con I can think of is that this machine is made of plastic.  I wished the handle was a bit more sturdy to actually stay up when you open it but it doesn’t.  When you open it you have to hold it open to put the kcup in it.  I can imagine the design is plastic so it wouldn’t be so heavy though.

Other than that I really love my Keurig Coffee Maker.

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