How to Make a Kids A Frame Tent

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DIY Kids A-Frame Tent

How to Make a Kids A-Frame Tent Tutorial

I have a super fun DIY Kids A-Frame Tent tutorial for you!  This one is really neat because you can simple fold it up or disassemble it for easy storage.  Love that!

This project takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.  It’s pretty easy if you have a handle on how to use the power drill.

Suppleis you need to make a A-Frame Tent:

DIY Kids A-Frame Tent

Directions on how to make an A-Frame Tent:

First,  Measure from the top of each moulding and mark 6″ down with your pencil.   You need to drill the holes in each of the 4 Mouldings.

With your drill and 3/4″ spade bit, drill a hole at your mark. Try to center the hole on your moulding.

DIY Kids A-Frame Tent

Next, use a rubber mallet to squeeze the dowel into the holes you just finished.  This will fit snug to keep the tent in place.

DIY Kids A-Frame Tent

Next, drape the twin size sheet over the tent and adhere the Velcro sticky back tape on each end to keep the sheet in place.  The Velcro tape has an adhesive on the ends so there is no sewing involved.  I used two pieces of velcro on each end of the moulding strip.  The width of the twin size sheet is just enough to cover the tent.

DIY Kids A-Frame Tent

Finally, open that tent up and let your little one and their pets enjoy it!  My daughter loves her tent.  She has taken it in the back yard for reading parties with her girlfriends.  She has also slept in it during nap time!  The tent folds up nicely and fits behind a door in her closet for easy storage and when she is ready to play with it again we just grab it, swing open the a-frame and voila!  instant tent!!!





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