Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes + a Giveaway!

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This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Dawn. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes recipe

Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes

I’m about to share an amazing recipe for Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes!  You know, that vibrant color we all know too well from the Dawn bottle we use to clean our kitchen and our dishes.  There’s something extra special about this color.  The kids go crazy for anything in this blue color and cupcakes were no exception.  I’m also including an awesome giveaway at the bottle of this article.

Summer is upon us and trying to keep the kiddos busy or entertained on a budget can be a chore.  I’m not going to have my kids enjoy the whole summer with out them helping me with some of the clean up either.  My daughter is nine and she does help out with the dishes!  She doesn’t even mind because we have so much fun in the kitchen making delicious recipes.

Dawn helps us simplify our summer with it’s tough grease fighting power.  I like it because all you need is a little drop to pack a powerful punch.  The less you have to use, the more money I save.  Dawn is perfect for budget savvy Moms!   Dawn Ultra’s powerful formula has double the grease cutting power per drop…  letting you spend less time on your dishes, and enjoy more time messing up the kitchen with your kids!  We love that part!


The  Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes are simple to make from scratch.  We whipped these up in about 10 minutes!  We shared a few minutes licking the bowl afterwards too.



Here’s the recipe for these amazing Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes.  Feel free to print the full DawnUltraRecipe with instructions here.


Giveaway Details

I am giving one lucky winner the same Dawn Ultra gift pack with the same stuff I received to make this recipe!  I’m in love with my Sur La Table Apron in this collection too!

To enter this giveaway:

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me why you love Dawn Ultra Blue or what you use it on.  I love it to clean my kitchen but I also use it to clean the wheels on my car!  Cuts that grease like no other! This giveaway will end on 6/30/14 at 11:59pm CST.  One lucky winner will be chosen at random!

This giveaway will include:
·         A Bottle of Dawn Ultra
·         Apron
·         Blue food coloring
·         Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes recipe
·         Mixing bowl
·         Non-stick cupcake tin
·         Spatula



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  1. Dawn Ultra Blue takes car grease OFF the driveway!!! I poured it over the grease used an out door broom to scrub and it took all the grease off!! Amazing ! Thank you Dawn ultra Blue!

  2. I love Dawn products and have for quite some time. It si my go to for dish soap. We use it for almost everything including washing the car;)

  3. Dawn ultra or dawn powerclean are the only dish soaps I buy anymore. Anything else is a waste of money

  4. I love dawn ultra blue because it cleans up oil.I use it to clean carpet spills,casserole dishes, and storage containers.

  5. Yes, I have used Dawn dish soap and I really like the way it cleans my dishes! I also like the way it smells! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. I use Dawn for dishes, grime and grease; there is no other dish washing liquid that does as good. I also use it in a natural mixture for weed killer – works wonderful on dandelions and in a mixture for flea control on my dog and cat. There are so many uses for Dawn that I am never without at least two bottles in the house. I love Dawn and it’s many uses.

  7. I have used Dawn to wash dishes for years, and within the past year have started to use it on my laundry. I also shower in it when Iv been in contact with poison oak, sumac or ivy. Cuts through any thing with an oily, greasy residue.

  8. I not only use it for dishes, but also mixing blue Dawn with hydrogen peroxide makes a great stain fighter for clothes.

  9. I love the Dawn’s Ultra Blue because it reminds me of washing the dirty dishes in the clean sea. They come out squeaky clean and leave the grease and grind behind!

  10. We love Dawn Blue Ultra to help cut the grease on the dishes especially our pans. We also use it to clean our walls, floors, our cars, and even spot clean our carpet and furniture with it! It works wonders!

  11. I love Dawn Ultra Blue it is the only dish detergent I will use. I use Dawn for grease spots on clothes even after they have been washed and dried Dawn still removes it. I don’t think there is anything Dawn can’t remove from clothes.

  12. I use dawn on so much. Grease stains on clothes, stainless steel appliances, dishes. I even bathed my cat once and used it lol.

  13. I prefer to use Dawn for my dishes, over other brands, but I have used it for other things. When I have dropped messy food on my clothing when I’m eating, I have used a drop or 2 to sponge out the mess before it sets!

  14. I ;LOVE Dawn Ultra Blue!! I use it on greasy pots and pans, my kitchen counter tops and stove top.

  15. We use Dawn for everything! Especially dishes and homemade cleaners. Oh and bubbles for the kids of course!!

  16. Aside from those tough, greasy pots and pans that other dish soaps can’t touch, we use it when we have puppies or kittens to kill fleas. It’s gentle enough for the babies but tough enough to kill the fleas! Weirdly, it’s only the original blue one that works!

  17. I love using Dawn Ultra blue dishwashing soap. I use it for my dishes, my tile floor, and have used Dawn blue mixed with water to catch fleas.

  18. I love Dawn – it is the best dish detergent ever – I love to use it wash my pans instead of putting them in the dishwasher -because I know they will be cleaner with DAWN.

  19. I love Dawn Ultra Blue and try to use only Dawn products when I do my dishes. They just cut the grease better than other brands and I like the smell also. If I pre-soak a tough stain it wipes right off.

  20. I actually use dawn with an orbital car polisher to remove old wax and dirt from my car. It works great.

  21. Dawn is the only dishwashing liquid I buy! It cleans SO well! I usually just use it on dishes and pots and pans but have to try it on car wheels!

  22. I love using Dawn Ultra Blue on my pots and pans with glued no baked cheese as well as greasy pots and pans. We also use it on hard to get out stains on our clothes like ink and grease. Best thing ever for these uses! I’ve seen some other ideas for cleaning that I will have to try this out on.

  23. I,use Dawn, vinegar and water to clean shower and bathtub. Takes soap scum off and leaves shower so clean. Also use it on greasy dishes!

  24. I love using it for ” kid messes” cleans em up fast! Also give my kitty a flea bath once a month with it. Keeps fleas away, or if by chance your pet has fleas it kills them within 90 sec soak. AWSOME!

  25. I am a feline rescue volunteer. We get kittens covered in dirt and grime. I use dawn dish soap to bath the gunk away and leave a fluffy cute kitten.

  26. I use it for my dishes but also in my homemade lice prevention shampoo. Right before school starts up I make a batch and have my kids start using it every couple of days to prevent them.

  27. i use dawn to clean my dishes – it is one of a kind! sometimes i use it for clothing stains

  28. I use Dawn Ultra Blue on so many things — greasy pots and pans, greasy wheels, a dirty car, and to clean my son’s baseball pants! We also use it on our dog occasionally to remove any fleas she has on her – and to make her smell good.

  29. Dawn is amazing! Tons of uses…way more than just to wash dishes…although I definitely use it for that too!!

  30. Dawn Blue is great! I always use it for my dishes. I also used it for a stain remover for clothes. It does an awesome job cutting grease.

  31. I love Dawn Ultra Blue because the grease just slides off my pots and pans! No need to scrub, and it lasts through my toughest messes. My hubby also uses it to clean the wheels of his car!

  32. I use it to pretreat grease stains on clothes! Love Dawn ultra! I have to get the big Costco size because I use it so much!

  33. I use it to wash my dishes (and I use it a lot! I don’t own a dishwasher!), I use it to clean our stand up shower and the rest of the bathtoom, I use it for oil/grease stains, and also to clean our microfiber couch! Last, but not least, we use it to make bubble solution!

  34. I love Dawn Ultra Blue, I use it to clean the food stuck in my pans and it works wonders. This is the only dish soap I buy.

  35. A little squirt of Dawn with some water makes the best bubble blowing liquid. I don’t have to keep buying bubble liquid, I just refill with my own homemade version!

  36. I like dawn blue extra because I find it cleans with ease on the most stubborn stuck on pans in my house.

  37. I love Dawn blue because it is the best dish liquid out there, not only to do the dishes, but clean your car, and other items in your house.

  38. I love to use blue dawn to make other cleaners for my home like the granite cleaner I make for my kitchen counters.

  39. I mainly use it on dishes, but it definitely works better than any othe dish soap I’ve ever tried!

  40. I clean my bathroom floors with it. And my showers. It cleans better than most other cleaners!
    My hubby uses it to clean his military uniforms. It’s gotten blood off of them many times (combat medic who is now medically retired after injuries in Iraq)

  41. I love Dawn Ultra Blue. I use it all over the kitchen! Thank you for the giveaway! Would love to win!

  42. I love Dawn Ultra Blue and basically ALL Dawn products! Because they cut through grease,grime and stuck on food.You don’t have to use a bunch of soap on your dishes like some other brands.Not to mention they have choices so that you don’t get dish pan hands.And they smell WONDERFUL! There’s a scent for everyone to choose! I could go on ALL day about how much I love Dawn,lol. 🙂

  43. I love Dawn Ultra Blue because of the cute duck on the bottle! Every time I see the dawn bottles with the various animals on them, I think of the oil spill cleanup and how they used Dawn to clean up those furry creatures. 🙂


  45. I love dawn ! I use it as a stain remover on my sons clothes …….even after trying several things (several times) i found dawn to be the BEST ! It even removed the gasoline odor on jeans after the first wash 🙂

  46. I haven’t used it yet but would love to try it out. Especially on my wheels/car. It’s filthy, LOL.

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