Painted Fence Ideas: Backyard Fence Decorating Design

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Painted Fence Ideas

Painted Fence Ideas

If you are looking for some Painted Fence Ideas, here’s one for ya!  Take your boring backyard fence and turn it into a painted masterpiece!  Both my girls and I had a blast creating this!

Spring is here and it seems everyone is working in the yard!  After completing our Raised Garden Bed we decided to do a bit of painting!  We intended to paint rocks but then had an amazing idea for a scenery!

Here’s another photo taking a less sunlight:

painted fence idea

We started off using acrylic paints as they hold us really well with outdoor conditions.

acrylic paint sets

The primary set as seen here: DecoArt DASK278 Crafter’s Acrylics Primary Sample Pack!

painted fence ideas

We did a lot of mixing of colors so those primary colors were a must!  We didn’t worry about a painters palette but instead we used paper plates.

Be sure to grab yourself a set of paint brushes too:

painted fence ideasThese paints wash out of the brushes with a soap and water.  Be sure to store the brushes bristle side up if you are storing them in a cup or container.  There’s nothing worse than seeing my kids put those brushes in the wrong way of the cup.  Drives me nuts!

We also kept a cup of water and paper towels handy to clean our brushes between colors.  Try to use cups that you can throw away because this paint does stain.  Those little Red Solo cups work nicely.

We didn’t cover this fence with anything else after we painted it to keep the color.  This paint holds up really well.  We painted a different portion of our fence more than three years ago and it still looks really nice today.  I live in Texas and we easily get triple degree temperatures in the summer.  When I first did this project I wasn’t sure how it would hold up.

This project is a simple one.  There’s not much detail within the piece so it was pretty easy for my daughters (age 7 and age 16) to complete.  I started out by using a pencil to draw and outline of the scene and they grabbed the paints!  The best part is, if you make a mistake you can always wait for it to dry and paint right over it.

I hope this gives you a bit of art inspiration for your own backyard fence.  If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out our raised garden bed tutorial post here.  We plan to paint those cinder blocks next!

Raised garden bed design plans


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  1. Thanks for the GREAT idea!! I’ve been looking for ideas to decorate the fence in our backyard. Our LARGE backyard is completely fenced so we have ALOT of boring fence area to cover.

  2. That fence is awesome! Ours could sure use something….maybe my creative hubby can come up with a tropical design. I see palm trees, sand, fish OH BOY he’s going to roll his eyes when I come to him with yet another project lol

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